Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS FT Director does A Tweet a day in 2015 showing all our fab staff #nhseverydayheroes @dawniejarv

Dawn Jarvis our Director of People and OD was sick of only hearing bad news about the NHS and also wanted an excuse to turn up anywhere and chat to colleagues and use Twitter more.

Combining all of these,  from January 1st 2015 Dawn has tweeted a picture of a member of staff everyday and the variety just shows how many different and amazing people we have working for us.

Using the # of #nhseverydayheroes she has met with  nurses, doctors, ward clerks, IT and procurement staff, painters, builders and ward clerks, our chaplain and new Non-exec, lots of Service Assistants and basically anyone she can catch!

The conversation starts with, "have you heard about my Twitter campaign to tell the world how fabulous you are" and either gets the response, "what is Twitter" or "yes it's great" or "no tell me more". Either way it means each day she is talking to many, many more staff and gets into places she wouldn't have ordinarily invaded and gets to ask questions and always gets back to people about their queries or suggestion, either on Twitter or in person.

As a relative newbie to the NHS, Dawn was a bit shy of bowling up to clinical areas as she though she would be in the way, but has had a great reaction.

So this simple thing has made people smile, made them talk more and get small issues sorted out more quickly, most of all people love being the #nhseverydayheroes of the day at DBH.
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