Digitally transforming consent with Concentric

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Concentric Health's mission is to transform how decisions are made about our health. Decisions informed by patient outcomes, and shared by patient and clinician.

Concentric's digital consent and shared decision making application digitally transforms the paper process of giving consent for a procedure, and is now in use at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Cross-specialty, evidence-based information facilitates a shared conversation and supports patient understanding throughout their journey.

Remote consent functionality, which can be used alongside video consultation technology means that physical pre-operative appointments can be avoided.

Why is consent a priority? Consent for surgery is a key element of care, in terms of the quality of surgical decision-making, experiences of patient-centred care, and organisational medico- legal risk. Legal cases have brought consent to the forefront, and have introduced new standards of care.

The benefits of digitally transforming the consent process are to; improve patient experience and understanding; reduce consent errors and medico-legal risk; avoid physical outpatient appointments; improve operational efficiency; and reduce paper use.

"Absolutely love it. Love the user experience, it's really intuitive. This is the future!" - Dr Jonathan Holley

Find out more at or say hello at [email protected]

About: Concentric Health is a health technology startup based in Cardiff, UK. T

he company was founded by Dr Dafydd Loughran (, Dr Edward St John (, and Martyn Loughran ( following an Innovate UK grant in 2019.

You can read the full product summary here .

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