Digital nurses going from strength to strength

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An innovative action learning programme in Staffordshire for Primary care Nurses has proved extremely popular and reaped amazing results in just 6 months!

The programme provided digital training and support for 40 primary care nurses from across Staffordshire who were each tasked with developing action plans on how they would like to use technology with patients. They were shown innovative practice in the use of social media, apps, Flo telehealth and video consultation. They then went away to develop their actions plans and were given tablet devices with wifi to use.

The results have been astonishing with all nurses on the programme showing an increase in digital skills and confidence and are now using technology to support patients. 

This includes a nurse in Tamworth who now supports asthma patients with a self care app developed by Keele University; a TB nurse in Burton hospital now using Skype to support a patient with TB who was required to attend daily visits to hospital to be observed taking his medication - he now does this by Skype from his home and is really happy with the service; An asthma nurse also carried out an asthma review with a farmer who regularly failed to attend his reviews - he even carried out the review whilst still in his tractor!

The programme has been so successful it is set to be rolled out to 4 regions of England in the new year.

The programme has been developed by Stoke on Trent and North Staffordshire CCGs and funded from NHS England. Redmoor Health was selected to help deliver the programme.

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