Developing the music archive for LGBT community living with dementia - we need your help! #PrideMusic4dementia

Everybody knows music does magic in those with dementia. But who provides the LGBT elderly person living with dementia the music for them?

Probably no-one, therefor we need: A list with popular pride songs throughout the years and LGBT’ ers who will buddy up with LGBT elderly with dementia.

Why a list with pride songs through the years? Because the music we heard and listened due between the age of 15 & 25 is so deeply rooted in our brain that even dementia cannot destroy these music memories.

So please mail or tweet the songs you know where popular in the LGBT world.

For example: Don't Leave Me This Way - The Communards 1986 – 1996. This is my life - Shirley Bassey – 1968 till 1980. Over the Rainbow - Judy Garland – 1930 till 1960.

Some songs were popular for just a year while other songs stay popular for a decade. Tell us, share your knowledge.

Together we can create a pride music list which makes it easy to bring pride happiness into the life of LGBT with dementia.

If a song was only popular in Wales, Scotland, Ireland or England tell us.

It makes the pride list stronger and better. I want to know the popular pride songs from 1940 till 1980. So that we don’t forget those with early onset dementia.

So give a shout out, ask around, tell everybody, share and RT if you know disc jockeys, producers, music connoisseurs ask them to help.

We can do this ! We can do better if we collaborate.  If you should get dementia would you like to hear your pride music or would you be happy listen to the impersonal music the nurses likes??

Send your ideas, song choices and to me here and we will make a playlist that you will be proud of. [email protected]

Tell Elderly LGBT'ers  about this campaign , ask for their music choices and if they are not able to send themselves please send on their behalf.

You could write down the songs or tape the conversation. If they agree make a video. Let them tell the stories about the power of music in the hidden pride years. send the video to us and we will put it on the site.

Great sources of information are the bartenders, disc jockeys, club owners,  of those times, they know the songs by heart. Maybe there are books about pride music – please tell me.

Not Back in the Closet

Many lgbt elders go back in the closet when they enter a care home. This is the lgbt generation who fought for the rights which we have today. By helping and joining in with this campaign you can say thank you to these lgbt fighters.

We can help them to stay out of the closet. When we buddy up with an LGBT elder, they have someone to speak with and as a consequence they have someone who can speak up for them.

Together we can ensure an environment  where future lbgt elderly do not feel they have to go back in the closet when they enter a care home. By helping LGBT elder we are changing care-home culture for the benefit of all in future.

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