Creating a FRESH approach to functional assessment in ED

Creating a FRESH approach to functional assessment in ED featured image

When a person is brought into the Emergency Department, are we thinking the same as them?  Are we thinking

  • Is the patient leaving home with returning in mind
  • What does a patient need to get home?
  • What do our healthcare professional partners need to do to help a patient return home

The FRESH model challenges us to take a different approach

  • Consider how we handover our patients in clinical environments
  • Consider how including additional information about the person can go a long way to impact on outcomes and their future care journey

Claire Sanders is an Improvement Manager with the NHS Emergency Care Intensive Support Team (ECIST). She has a background in therapies and system-wide healthcare improvement

She’s created a set of guiding principles to help improve functional assessment at handover – the FRESH model (see slideset at link below)

The FRESH model slideset

Contact:  Claire Sanders - ECIST Improvement Manager

Email:     [email protected]

Twitter:   @C_L_Sanders

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