Counting compliments the #UltimateULHT way

Counting compliments the #UltimateULHT way featured image

Compliments let us know where we’ve got things right and we’ve been missing a trick for years! Focus is always on the negative patient feedback via complaints, PALS and Care Opinion etc. So we thought lets count all of the thank you cards, emails, gifts etc our wards and departments receive each month.

So at ULHT, we have set up a simple system to capture the ‘thank you’s and compliments we receive directly into the wards, units and service areas, as we know these far outweigh the complaints and concerns.

We wanted to be able to reflect these in our patient experience reports. Collectively it can be extremely powerful and it is important that we celebrate this. We have a monthly ratio of compliments vs complaints and it always a great figure of around 37:1. We’ve also seen competition between team….always checking to see who has the most that month. It’s always FAB to share with data with all of the teams each month.

What we didn’t want was a time-consuming, overly complicated system so we have devised a simple data collection form which is completed monthly and send through to the Patient Experience team.

In May 2019, we achieved our 80,000 counting compliment 

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