Community enterprise - adding choice and capacity to the social care sector

Community enterprise - adding choice and capacity to the social care sector featured image

Community Catalysts is a social enterprise that works across the UK to make sure that people who need care and support to live their lives can get help in ways, times and places that suit them – with a real choice of local options.

As part of our work, we help people and communities to use their talents and skills to start and run small enterprises and community businesses that support and care for other local people – we call these community enterprises. They create good local jobs and keep local money local. They help people live a good life, connected with and contributing to their community – local people helping other local people.

We support people who are interested in doing care differently to complete our tailored development programme which is underpinned by coaching, mentoring and has an emphasis on local networks. Going through our programme means they have the tools in place to make sure the support they offer is safe and of a high quality. Alongside our work with local people, we help public sector organisations understand and make the systems and culture changes necessary to sustain this more creative approach.

Our approach adds capacity and creates a more diverse ‘marketplace’. The result is care that cares – flexible help for people who need it and satisfying employment for local people. A real choice and peace of mind for families, commissioners and supporting professionals like GPs, social workers and hospital discharge teams. Take a look at where we’re working at the moment

Many of the community enterprises we’ve worked with feature on our Small Good Stuff directory – our free website that connects people who need care or support with other local people who might be able to help. Take a look at Small Good Stuff:

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