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Clinical Leaders

This programme started in 2010 (specifically designed in-house) to develop those clinicians (above) who have already shown leadership aptitude, potentially in preparation for more senior roles. Now in its’ ninth year and to date, 264 individuals have completed or are undertaking the programme. Currently, two of our four Divisional Heads of Nursing are alumni, as are twenty of our thirty-nine Matrons. 80% of alumni are still working here.

Each session stands alone, but the connecting theme woven through all sessions will be ‘From Good to Great’ and will reflect the components from ‘Leading Change, Adding Value’ (A framework for Nursing, Midwifery and Care Staff 2016)  and ‘AHPs into action 2016’ (a national framework and programme of work focusing on the role of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in transforming health, care and wellbeing).

The rolling, 2-year programme of 5 sessions/year on the same Thursday for the entire programme. (Year One: five half-days, Year Two: three half-days and two full days). The first and final sessions are the entire cohort together whereas sessions two – nine are each offered twice affording maximum opportunity to attend. Those who miss both are able to ‘catch-up’ by attending the following year, and most do

The Appraisal Conversation

In March 2018 we redesigned our appraisal training to reflect the increased emphasis on values and a more developmental approach. Upon completion of an online documentation guide (Part 1) we launched a new appraisal interactive module "The Appraisal Conversation" (Part 2). We have delivered over 40 sessions to over 600 participants of this 3-hour session which uses forum theatre and our patient simulators acting as appraisees. Results for the 2018 Staff Survey show a significant increase in respondents reporting values were discussed from 28% to 40%, with an overall improvement in the appraisal index from 5.5 to 5.8.

Senior Leaders Development Programme

Attendees are typically care group managers and clinical leads, equivalent heads of departments or services, medical consultants, matrons etc. Key components of the programme, run over 2 consecutive days, include MBTI, handling potentially difficult or honest conversations, forum theatre and working with actors from the company Practive. We have had over 430 participants in the 12 years since its inception. Evaluations have consistently praised the original format and the multi-disciplinary nature of the participants has set the blueprint for many of the leadership development interventions we have subsequently undertaken.

David Young, Head of Leadership Development
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Southampton SO16 6YD                                                   

Email: [email protected]   

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