How we're changing the world!

VIDEO: Watch this short, inspiring three-and-half minutes video that takes you on the journey how Change Day started with just a Tweet and how people today across the globe are making a difference!

Since the first ideas of NHS Change Day bubbled up in 2012 with grassroots and improvement leaders, it has attracted people all over the world who have engaged in conversations with each other, with the interest in making change happen in health and care, and it has grown and developed and continues to grow today.

Over 20 countries now regularly meet virtually, including Australia, British Columbia and Saskatchewan in Canada, Finland, France, India, Jordan and other countries in the Middle East, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, South Africa, Stockholm in Sweden, USA and Wales, to share ideas and inspiration. Each country has made Change Day their own.

What unites us is the shared purpose of improving health and care for people, their families and carers.

Together we discuss the common challenges in health and care today and how we can use simple rules and social movement thinking to make practical change in health and care. We all recognise that having a bottom up approach whilst being supported from the top is essential.

Nearly all the countries are now running their own Change Day and others are supporting by promoting Change Day and testing the ideas locally. They are using it as a way of starting change, igniting passion and inspiring engagement for taking actions to make a difference for patients. These small actions can collectively make a big difference. Our friends across the globe say it has led to a massive community of people coming together, to thinking differently about how we go about change. When you put leading change into the hands of those who deliver improvement everyday, it makes a greater difference.

We want to celebrate the amazing actions taken which have resulted from one simple idea growing into a movement, and encourage everyone to take part in making a difference.
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