Celebrating Change Day volunteers on International Volunteer Day

96Today is International Volunteer Day, and we're using this day to recognise all of the work our volunteers do to make a change for the better.

Over the next few days, we are going to celebrate the Change Day volunteers by sharing some of our stories. 

Our first volunteer story is of Maria Davison, a Change Day ‘hubbie’ in the East Midlands. On Wednesday, Maria won an award in the inaugural Frances Jaye Care and Compassion Awards, set up to recognise and celebrate compassion and good care. Maria was recognised for ‘outstanding and compassionate care of a patient’ in the individual category.

Maria explains why she believes in Change Day and what her plans are for Change Day 2015:

“My name is Maria Davison. I work in a community hospital but also work for a nursing agency in numerous settings nationwide. I am involved in lots of extra projects to my contracted nursing role, including voluntary event management and fundraising. I am a care-maker, one page profile champion, dementia friend trainer, dysphagia link, nutritional lead, speak out safely supporter, dedicated inclusion champion throughout, carer’s support, mentor, amongst many more. Yet no matter which hat I have on I always remain proud to nurse.

My friends say I am a bit like a tornado: I whizz in, send them dizzy, then leave. This is because I thrive on being busy and am naturally positively, passionately committed to making a difference.

I love making a difference to people and seeing the knock on effect of positively encouraging people to be who they are and to stand by what they believe. I love breaking down barriers and finding ways to achieve what was once thought to be just a dream.

I became a Hubbie (Change Day volunteer) because I wanted to  inspire others to relight their passion and all to stand together to make optimum benefit. Being able to meet others with the same drive and dedication to the cause is awesome for me. I have been reminded that I am not alone fighting the battles and barriers of society, and that there are others that care too.

My goals for Change Day 2015 are to raise awareness further than in 2014 and to continue to push those boundaries through society by again taking NHS Change Day into the community too. I plan to reignite the passion in as many people as possible and then witness these true superheroes fly into their own missions with a new found belief in their heads and pride in their hearts and souls.

What makes me happy is to try and inspire positive changes through my own actions and situations. NHS Change Day is a part of me to the point that if you cut me in half the green logo would probably be running through me like a stick of rock.”

As well as being a tireless nurse, campaigner, mum, and Change Day volunteer, Maria was also instrumental in restarting Chesterfield Carnival after a 25 year hiatus. The carnival was held in memory of a friend’s wife, who had recently passed away, and also as a way to thank Ashgate Hospice for the amazing care she received while there. Over 13,000 people attended the event.
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