CAMHS Ward Environment Improvements - Phoenix Ward, Hopewood, Nottingham

CAMHS Ward Environment Improvements - Phoenix Ward, Hopewood, Nottingham featured image

What we changed:

We have been working hard to develop our ward environment based on feedback from Young People.

When we moved into Phoenix Ward it was very bare and rooms weren’t used effectively. Young people gave us feedback that our ward felt very ‘clinical’. We have changed an interview room into an art room and we have set up a Wildlife Group developing unused outside space into our secure garden.

How it benefited service users and / or staff:

Young people have a space on the ward to be creative. We have used this space for all kinds of activities, including making slime and tie-dying. Having access to a secure garden area space is really important. Young people have developed this space themselves, including making their own bug hotels.

Why we are proud of it:

We are very proud to have developed these areas which give young people opportunity to engage in different activities and it has inspired us to continue developing other areas. We are going to develop the courtyard next and are making plans for our Quiet Room. Recent work on the garden is focused on using old wellies as planters!

Phoenix Ward, Hopewood, CAMHS

Emily Shipman, Ward Manager

Penny Wilson, Health Care Assistant

Jen Hainsworth, Activity Co-ordinator

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