Calling All AHPs - Exciting Video Challenge

If you'd like to make a very short video about any aspect of your profession & contribute to the wonderful celebration on #AHPsDay


To make a 40 second video related, in some way to your profession

The aim is to add a fun and creative twist to positively promote the AHP professions.

It will be interesting to see what ideas come out of only being able to use 40 seconds and it will be great for us all to share the rich & extremely varied experiences, roles & views we all have.

40 seconds will certainly be a challenge and it will mean you have to really think about the point/s you want to get across.

Just a few rules and points to consider…

No swearing or abusive/discriminatory content (I’m sure this doesn’t really need to be said anyway)

No advertising  - although I’m very happy to put links to social media accounts and blogs

You can get as creative as you like and in fact, I whole heartedly encourage that! You can present it in any way you want, you can be standing, sitting, walking along… or, you might not want to be in front of the camera at all and have another scene/idea.

It could be drawings, animation….singing, dancing.

It could be on any topic you feel you want others to know about…. 

A thought about your role

What your role is

What radiography is/isn’t

An experience you’ve had/ are having as a student

Being an student

Being an educator

The possibilities are endless!

There is no limit to the number of videos you want to submit to me.

Have fun with it and let me know if you have any questions.

To submit, please upload the video to a Google or One drive and then just  email the link to me at [email protected]

Anyone who wants to submit a video(s) - would be great if it was within the next 2 weeks

14 AHPs
Art Therapists
Drama therapists
Music therapists
Occupational therapists
Operating Department Practitioners
Prosthetists & Orthotists
Speech & language therapists

Ooh...go on... get recording & spread the word

The deadline is Oct 8th

  • Acute
  • Acute > Clinical Support
  • Acute > Clinical Support > Therapy Services
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