Botswana Paediatric Diabetes Partnership Project: Reflections of Clinical Psychologists

Cambridge Global Health Partnership (CGHP) aims to support and enable NHS staff from Cambridge University Hospitals to train and support health workers in low and middle income countries through global health partnerships.

In collaboration with the East of England Paediatric Diabetes Network (EoE), a joint project was created to visit Botswana. The aim of the partnership project was to improve diabetes outcomes for young people from both countries and as a mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences for both young people and professionals (Nelson, Wilson & Williams, in prep).

Following the best practice tariff, the role of Clinical Psychologists has been seen as a fundamental in the delivery of care to patients (NHS Diabetes, 2012). As Clinical Psychologists, we were delighted to be invited to take part in the project joining a skilled team of professionals (including Doctors, Nurses, a dietician, and a parent representative) and twelve young people from the East of England who have type 1 diabetes (T1D). As psychologists, we were keen to understand the psychological strengths and difficulties experienced by CYP living with diabetes in Botswana as well as the current mechanisms through which psychological support was being provided.

The project was broadly divided into two parts: the first part involved joining a two day diabetes camp for CYP co-facilitated by the Botswana Diabetes Association and the East of England CYPD Network. 

The second part involved delivering Botswana’s first educational symposium to healthcare professionals working with children and young people with type 1 diabetes


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