Better Local Care, the MCP vanguard in Hampshire


Whats better local care all about? Well this great animation clearly explains what the MCP Vanguard is all about.

Lets explore some of the MCP service initiatives starting with the Same Day Access Service (SDAS)  - this service in Gosport War Memorial Hospital continues to go from strength to strength.

Latest figures show that the service, enabling patients to receive a same-day appointment with a range of professionals, has triaged more than 30,000 patients since its launch in January.

Around 60 per cent of those patients didn’t need to be seen and had their query solved on the phone by getting advice from a range of professionals (GPs, nurses, physiotherapists or pharmacists).

Out of the nearly 12,000 patients that needed to be seen face-to-face, around 70 per cent were seen by another clinician than a GP. Joy Godbold has been a resident of Gosport for 24 years and uses the GP Same Day Access Service, a pilot project that offers same day appointments for patients at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital.This video tells Joy's story.


Carousel clinics bring professionals and specialists from a particular area of healthcare together under one roof so that patients can have all the tests and consultations needed during just one visit.


Innovative COPD trial - Badgerswood and Forest surgery are working with specialists from Portsmouth to identify patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and deliver appropriate care in their own GP surgery.


The project, known as MISSION (which stands for Modern Innovative SolutionS in Improving Outcomes iN COPD), identifies local patients with a history of breathlessness, recurrent chest infections (e.g. needing frequent antibiotics and steroid prescriptions) and offering them a full day of specialist assessment, education and self-management skills all at their GP surgery.

Early diagnosis is important to ensure the right treatment slows deterioration in health. In Hampshire, some 22,400 people have been diagnosed with COPD, which includes diseases such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis - and there are fears that potentially more than 12,800 people don’t know that they have the condition.

Paramedic home visiting service

 The pilot project, which is the first of its kind in the country, has seen South Central Ambulance Service join up with GP surgeries in the Waterlooville area. A paramedic and a nurse practitioner from SCAS have so far visited 500 patients at home under the pilot. Its hoped patients at home will be seen earlier in the day and GPs will have to make fewer home calls.

Dr Duncan Pickup, partner at Vine Medical Group, said: ‘The message we were getting is that GPs felt pressured with time. ‘SCAS said it was struggling with recruitment and retaining staff so we started to have talks about joined-up work. ‘We thought about ways we can both support staff but also improve care for patients so we came up with this partnership to have SCAS staff carrying out some of our home visits. ‘That way, doctors have more time with complex patients and people needing home visits do not need to wait a long time. ‘For SCAS, it means their paramedics could learn a new skill set and there is the possibility of progression.’

For more information contact [email protected]

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