Bespoke Occupation Group

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Keval Morjaria - Occupational Therapist , Arnold Lodge

What I changed:

Adapted the motivation for Occupation Group to be tailored to the demographics of patients within the group. Sessions included playing bowls within the sports hall, creative session, gardening, sensory relaxation, vocational skills and music.

How it benefited service users and / or staff:

The group was aimed for patients who find engagement difficult, and would benefit from further structure and support to increase their motivation and quality of life. It provided the patients with the opportunity to re-engage with meaningful activity and to explore new interests and opportunities. It allowed the patients to reminisce together within the Group, sharing past experiences and interests.

Through identifying patients’ motivation to engage, it has enabled the respective clinical teams to identify meaningful occupation and opportunities to best support the patients within their recovery.

Why i'm proud of it:

Patients within the Group have taken up new interests following the group. For example, one patient has attended weekly on-ward relaxation sessions, following the session within the group. Patients have also been sharing their positive experiences of the group with each other outside the group within their spare time.

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