Bereavement- a practical guide for NHS Managers

Bereavement- a practical guide for NHS Managers featured image

The Academy of Fabulous Stuff and the IHM are please to collaborate with IMS-Maxims to publish this important book.

End of life care is a skill that requires exceptional attention to detail and vocation.  Managing these vital services is a challenge

to managers and organisations.

This check-list, how-to-do-it, tool-book is written in a straight forward style, provides advice and challenges us to do better.

The authors are experts in management and skilled practitioners in this sensitive part of care that can, so easily, be overlooked. 

We are delighted to help share the best of best practice.

As the book tells us; we only get one chance to get this right… 

You can download the e-Book, for free, by clicking on the image below:

  • Community Services
  • Community Services > EOL care
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