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This month, to coincide with the highest hospital admission rates for asthma (week 38), Healthy London Partnership and NHS England are running their fifth public awareness campaign #AskAboutAsthma to encourage small steps to improve the quality of life of children and young people living with asthma in London. 

Due to the huge success of the campaign over the past four years, #AskAboutAsthma will this year be highlighted across the country with NHS England hosting a virtual conference on Thursday 23 September, plus two national webinars. In London, the campaign will also include a week-long schedule of webinars, podcasts, blogs and ongoing social media activity.

The campaign aims to encourage health professionals, children and young people and their families to ASK for three simple effective interventions to help them control their asthma by:

For further information and to sign up for any of the events go to

Healthy London Partnership has developed a set of ambitions and standards and an online London asthma toolkit for how asthma care should be delivered across the city. Specific information on the asthma toolkit is available here for commissioners and primary care.

In addition, we are asking organisations to take steps to improve air quality by implementing our organisational pollution reduction toolkit . 

Small steps that make a difference include:

  • Encourage more exercise by walking to work/school
  • Carpooling and turning off engines when idle
  • Using non/less toxic materials in homes and offices
  • Having greenery in and around homes and offices

The link to the campaign is here: and the communications materials are .

Please do not forget to use #AskAboutAsthma when communicating messages in your social media channels, especially on Twitter and we will retweet and like any messages you use.

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