Rudolph dementia Christmas party

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Christmas day could be a confusing day for a person with dementia. Where I am? Who are all those people? Is this my tea?

The person with dementia can become confused, frighten and want to leave, but a Rudolph dementia reindeer guide the person with dementia through this day.

Just like that other famous reindeer who guided Sant Clause through a foggy Christmas night long ago.

How to make Christmas also a merry day for the person with dementia?

By making one person a Rudolph dementia reindeer who guides the person with dementia through this day.

Rudolph is sitting close by the person with dementia
Hold hands or put an arm around the shoulder
Explain things
Do not improve
Do not correct
Move along
Help with eating and drinking
Has patience and compassion

As for a person with dementia the past becomes more and more a familiar and safer topic than the present time. You could make stories of Christmases long ago a topic on Christmas day. The person with dementia is now the expert as he knows much about the past. Give the person with dementia the time and the space to tell his Christmas stories from long ago.

You will hear a part of your family history and how Christmas was celebrated in those days.

You could also make a photo collection of old Christmas photos from the family album from Christmases past. You could watch them on the tv and maybe this will trigger the person with dementia into telling a story about the photo.

Everybody can tell his story by the old Christmas photo’s. The family stories are told again and be passed on to the young generation. 

Once upon a Christmas there was………….

When things becomes too much for the person with dementia, Rudolph finds a quiet room or goes for a quiet walk with the person with dementia.

Our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy cozy are we,

We're snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be.

Let's take that road before us and sing a chorus or two

Come on it's lovely weather for a walk together with you.

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