‘Please Answer’

Leaving hospital is a big deal, it can feel like a big day, and for many people home is where their real recovery takes place, but for up to 46% of people over 75 this also means going home alone.

When you are in hospital, family and friends often make an extra effort to visit or call, there’s lots of activity, some structure, other people around.

Arriving home alone is a risky business, after the initial excitement and relief at getting back to your life the reality of isolation can take its toll.

This video is presented by Health Service 360 as part of the #EndPJparalysis campaign. This is the story of far too many older people, it’s time to change this. Every one of us can help someone stay connected to their life, their family, or their community. 

Let’s act – where we can, when we can, and together let's reduce the crippling, and sometimes life limiting, loneliness faced by some older people.

This video has been made by Will Dolan and all the team at Firewoodpictures, and commissioned by Health Service 360’s Lynda Holt and Brian Dolan as part of their #EndPJparalysis and #Last1000days campaigns. 

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