Baking & Cooking yesterday’s Christmas

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Flavour is a powerful tool for bringing back memories. So Rudolph the dementia reindeer tries to bake and cook Christmas memories, and when possible he does this together with the person with dementia.

- Find the favourite Christmas cookies and baking of the person with dementia.

- What has the person with dementia eaten in his youth at Christmas?

- Could you recreate a Christmas dinner which the person with dementia had at his parents?

- A Christmas memory lane dinner, this could be the start of a new family tradition.

You may drop the eggs, spill flour on the floor, make strange gingerbread cookies - as long as you having fun it’s ok with Rudolph the dementia reindeer.

Reindeers Tips from Rip:

What could the person with dementia do by the baking and cooking?

- Handing the ingredients
- Holding things, like ladle or rolling pin
- Kneading dough
- Pouring water

Lending a hand in every kind of way is being involved and working together creates more contact than just sitting and drinking tea.

Of course it will take you longer, backing and cooking together with a person with dementia, but believe me you will have more fun.

And seeing the happiness of the person with dementia, who feels equivalent and involved into the Christmas preparation is your most beautiful Christmas gift ever.

Have fun and maybe you start a new family tradition which can be followed by your children. So one day your Christmas dinner will be a Christmas  memory lane diner.

Christmas Pudding, Christmas Pudding,

Steaming hot, steaming hot,

Sprinkle on the sugar, sprinkle on the sugar,

Eat it up, eat it up.

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