Fab Change 22-23 Pledge Kind Language in end of life care

Name: Jules

I pledge to promote & share kind language within end of life and bereavement care, so many people use old fashion, outdated & unkind language within end of life & bereavement care. 

It may be to distance themselves from what is happening or they don’t know the alternatives, so I pledge to share kind language for all to use in health & social care. 

Examples - Important, open and honest conversations not difficult if we call them different people won’t have them. Swan Care plan not pathway. Say the persons name / deceased person not body. When we are talking about suicide we should use the term the person took their own life not committed suicide. Bereaved people may choose to use different language as professionals we should always use kind language, the bereaved will always remember how we made them feel. 

Let’s start one word at a time and change the language, always use kind language & in a kind way remembering what you say & how you say it within end of life and bereavement care, because we only have one chance to get it right for every person, every time & it can’t be left to chance. 

Thank you Jules Lewis Swan EOLC Facilitator & Lead Nurse 

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