Fab Change 22-23 Pledge Kindness and Positivity

Name: Jennie

[email protected]

I pledge to champion the Kindness & Positivity Campaign across the Trust following our launch as part of #FabChange22to23 on 7th July.

I will look at creative and innovative ways to knit it in to everything that I do personally and professionally recognising that by doing so it will in turn lead to improved staff and patient experience.

  • Acute
  • Acute > Clinical Support
  • Acute > Clinical Support > Staff Wellbeing
  • Acute > Medicine
  • Acute > Medicine > UltimateULHT
  • Acute > Patient Experience
  • Acute > Patient Safety
  • Leadership and Management
  • Leadership and Management > Workforce
  • Leadership and Management > Workforce > Valuing your staff
  • FabChanges22to23
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