Fab Change 22-23 Pledge Staff wellbeing

Name: Karen

[email protected]

My pledge is simple, honest and heart-felt. I pledge to support as many colleagues with their wellbeing as I can. 

Creating safe spaces so we can talk more about how we are doing, how we continue to face our daily struggles and allow ourselves to accept the offers of support. 

I will encourage everyone to be the best versions of ourselves and allow the healing process to begin as we stride towards 2023. 

I will continue to do everything and more to ensure we spread the wellbeing message from corner to corner across the entire trust and everywhere in between. I know I can’t do this alone and will bring as many Wellbeing Allies along with me for the journey. We will laugh, cry and celebrate our successes no matter how big or small. Our road to recovery is long and twisty but we are all on the right path, walking along together so it can only get easier from here. 

Your wellbeing team are here, we are listening and most importantly, we care! #ULHTWellbeing #KeepTalking

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