Fab Change 22-23 Pledge Patient experience data

Name: Martyn

[email protected]

My pledge for #FabChange22to23 is to build from the base that we now have around all things ‘Patient Experience Data’ and start to unlock the ‘heart’ of what our patients are trying to tell us. I still often fall back on the numbers side of things, and while that does tell some of the story – it doesn’t give the full picture. I’m hopeful that through the work I’ve done so far, along with skills that I will pick up through my Data Analyst course that I’ve undertaken, that I’ll be best-placed to do this.

I think if I can crack it, and get something set up that works well and takes the manual drudgery (and the personal bias) out of the current efforts of make sense of our free-text data – that I’ll have something I can be really proud of, but more importantly something that will give back to our patients, who are ultimately the reason that we’re all here.

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