100 Day Challenges

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In the last year The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn has taken on many challenges. As with all Trusts we all have the same issues.

In March 2017 Red2Green was only on one ward- as a newly appointed Executive team how could we push this important scheme out through the organisation- a challenge.

We created the 100 day challenge with one aim in mind to train our staff in the Red2Green ethos married with Professor Brian Dolan’s Time is the most important currency in healthcare.

We trained 2000 staff in 100 days from April to July.#Red2Green

Our next challenge we noted was if Time is the most important currency in healthcare what can we do to improve our patients well being and health.

We joined with Professor Brian Dolan and with eight other Trusts set another 100 day challenge- to get 100,000 patients up dressed and moving across the East of England.

This generated lots of interest and support from ECIST and NHSI and we managed to get just under 100,000 patients up dressed and moving.#endPJparalysis

At the QEH we are now on our third 100 day challenge. We have noted our patients discharge time is normally between 12 and 3pm. Again recognising that Time is the most important currency in healthcare care we are driving our third 100 day challenge which started on the 3rd January 2018. #pre12discharges.

Interestingly our challenges have mainly centred around our non elective patients and our elective teams are about to start their very own 100 day challenge on the 21st February to improve theatre start times again recognising Time is the most important currency in healthcare.

So why 100 day challenges

They yield early fast benefits

They are a structered way to provide opportunities for teams to contribute and be successful

They prepare teams for bigger change programmes Beyond 100 days

While the challenges end and teams celebrate their achievements the work put into place continues and grows.

The QEH is driving more continuous improvement cycles than before. There is engagement from clinicians as they step forward to lead the challenges. Teams feel 100 days is short enough not to be committed forever but long enough to gain benefits for their patients. If you would like to learn more about 100 day challenges please do not hesitate to contact Ciara Moore [email protected] at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
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