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The world of Digital Nursing and Digital Transformation is more than just Data and moving from paper versions of documents to digital versions. 

Digital Nursing and Digital Transformation is at its very heart about Quality Improvement. For Quality improvement to continue to shape and support quality care it is important that all healthcare professionals look at the opportunities that Digital can support.

Natasha Phillips, Chief Nursing Information Officer, NHS England and Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England recently released the “Guidance for Nursing on What Good Looks Like” in March 2022

As nurses, we are deeply connected to delivering high quality care for all people. Through shifts large and small in health systems, nurses are the constant and direct connection with people. It is hard to ignore the rapidly evolving landscape around us – from the opportunities to improve care in better connected systems and data sharing to our population becoming more digitally fluent. What Good Looks Like (WGLL) sets out an ambitious, common vision across seven success measures for digital transformation. We see a unique place for nurses and nursing practice to support the realisation of this vision.

Natasha Phillips, Chief Nursing Information Officer,

At the Academy of Fabulous Stuff we recognize the importance of sharing QI. 

The value of sharing QI does not change because it is a digital transformation or digital change. 

If you have a problem, you can be sure that someone else is facing the same challenge. You can almost guarantee, somewhere in the NHS somebody has an idea or a solution that will help. 

If you have supported or delivered a digital quality improvement please share with us, so others can learn from your experience. It’s time to pass them on.

The ideas don’t have to be huge and service wide, they can be local, niche  ‘the way you do it’. If they have worked for you, you can be sure they will work for someone else.

Matthew Little @little_matthew

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