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Latest News from the Academy of Fabulous Stuff

Sheffield Health & Social Care – Quality Improvement Team

20 November 2016|0 Comments

As chief executive I am a committed to enabling a culture of continuous quality improvement throughout the organisation and to support the Quality Improvement Team in their work. Kevan Taylor, Chief Executive SHSC SHSC Quality [...]

Nominate an NHS Digital Pioneer!

13 November 2016|0 Comments

Do you know an NHS colleague who deserves recognition for how they have led digital transformation, or innovated within their organisation, for the benefit of colleagues and patients? Why not nominate them for an NHS [...]

Health Tech and You Awards

13 November 2016|0 Comments

Are you using health technology that is making a significant difference to your patients? Nominate it for a Health Tech and You Award! The Professional’s Choice Award is one of the Health Tech and You [...]

Medway Maritime Hospital celebrates NHS Fab Change Day

28 October 2016|0 Comments

Staff at Medway Maritime Hospital came out in force last week to celebrate NHS Fab Change Day. Fab Change Day is a national day of activity, where staff across the NHS come together to harness [...]

Latest fab stuff

Tackling childhood obesity the Vanguard way

08 December 2016|0 Comments

One in three children in Year 6 (10-11 years old) are classed as overweight or obese.   That’s a grave, shocking statistic for any parent, teacher or health professional in England to swallow as it [...]

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough UEC Vanguard guide to services

08 December 2016|0 Comments

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough UEC Vanguard are using vidoe to guide and inform the community about the services they offer. This film explores the use of emergency services and identifies the choices and options available. [...]

Redesigning a workforce to improve patient care and staff morale – The Vanguard way

07 December 2016|0 Comments

According to Simon Stevens dealing with the elephants in the room is one of the priorities for this year. As we all know, eating elephants should be done one bite at a time…and in terms of [...]

Fylde and Wyre Emergency Falls Vehicle

07 December 2016|0 Comments

The Fylde and Wyre falls car operates as a collaborative between the North West Ambulance Service and Fylde and Wyre CCG. Manned by a Paramedic and Nurse/Physiotherapist/OT from the local Rapid Response Team. The pilot [...]

Delivering breast cancer treatment at home – UCLH Cancer Collaborative a national Cancer Vanguard

07 December 2016|0 Comments

The UCLH Cancer Collaborative (part of the national Cancer Vanguard) has launched a new pilot project for breast cancer patients, enabling them to self-administer a drug called denosumab. It is an injection given just under [...]

Enhanced health in care homes vanguards

06 December 2016|0 Comments

In March 2015, six enhanced health care homes vanguards were launched as part of the NHS Five Year Forward View. Since then, they  have been redesigning the way they deliver care for older people by [...]

The Blonde gets up close and personal with a Vanguard integrated community manager

06 December 2016|0 Comments

In the next in our series of getting to know the people behind the Vanguard programmes I got to ask Cally Bennett, some questions about what its like to work in a Vanguard site. Cally [...]

Extensive Care – The Fylde Coast Vanguard way

06 December 2016|0 Comments

The Extensive Care service aims to greatly improve care for people who often need it the most by providing one comprehensive service for all of their needs in order to reduce their risk of hospitalisation.  This means all the [...]

Social Prescribing and care navigation the Vanguard way

06 December 2016|0 Comments

Across practices in the western half of Wakefield, a new approach called care navigation has been successfully improving patient experience and extending access to key primary care services. “Care navigation has given my team a [...]

Early Intervention vehicles – EHCH Vanguard

06 December 2016|0 Comments

  Purpose: The Early Intervention Vehicles (EiV) provide immediate response, via screened 999 calls, to residents in East and North Hertfordshire with the primary role of providing holistic assessment and a proactive approach to maintaining [...]

Dandy – yup its Pet Therapy the Vanguard way

06 December 2016|0 Comments

Dandy The Therapy Dog is playing a very important role in supporting the wellbeing of patients with multiple health conditions and reduce their admissions to hospital. Patients under the Fylde Coast extensive care service have [...]

The #last1000days from #red2green

05 December 2016|2 Comments

  Time is the most important currency in healthcare. It manifests in patients waiting, duplication, staff running around looking for things and needless harm being caused. Patient time as the key metric of performance and [...]

Greater Manchester Cancer Vanguard Innovation – user involvement is key

05 December 2016|1 Comment

Greater Manchester Cancer Vanguard Innovation is part of the national Cancer Vanguard   This is a video about patients’ expectations : User involvement at every level is a core principle of our [...]

Tower Hamlets Community Nursing – its Buurtzorg Vanguard stylee

05 December 2016|0 Comments

It’s an exciting time for health and social care staff working in Tower Hamlets. As part of Tower Hamlets Together partnership, they are about to embark on a pilot to explore new and innovative ways of [...]

All Together Better – Recovery at Home – The Vanguard way

05 December 2016|0 Comments

This great animation that explains how the Recovery at Home service works, and how professionals come together to make sure the people who need the most care are helped to stay as independent as possible, [...]

The Blonde gets up close and personal with a Vanguard Community Pharmacist …..

05 December 2016|0 Comments

In the next in our series of getting to know the people behind the Vanguard programmes I got to ask Rebecca Dobson, Community Pharmacist some questions about what its like to work in a Vanguard [...]

Well being, personal and community resillience – the Vanguard way

05 December 2016|0 Comments

Wellbeing Erewash is a new approach to health and social care. Erewash is a Vanguard looking at new ways of improving people’s health and wellbeing. Wellbeing Erewash is focusing on three main areas: Personal Resilience [...]

This is how Sussex Community Foundation Trust improved Patient Flow.

02 December 2016|0 Comments

January 2016 saw unprecedented pressure on the urgent care system with high demand in Sussex for access to the Sussex Community Foundation Trust’s (SCFT) 350 Community Hospital beds. These beds are housed in 12 geographically [...]

Click Guide to Dementia

01 December 2016|0 Comments

Today there are fantastic digital resources available across the whole spectrum of health and social care but they are often unknown to those who need them most. The Click Guide to Dementia has been developed [...]

We’re AWProud of ourselves: the power of peer-to-peer recognition

30 November 2016|0 Comments

We all know that positive feedback makes us feel good and spurs us on to do good work for our service users. This communications campaign uses the power of a simple ‘thank you’ to celebrate [...]

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