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Latest News from the Academy of Fabulous Stuff

A fond farewell ………

29 December 2017|0 Comments

It’s a special day, it’s a day when we say goodbye to trusted  and valued friends. Today we send our thanks to our web-development partners Fran and Nick, who have been with us from the [...]


27 November 2017|0 Comments

Never Events - if it wasn’t so absolutely tragic it could be the stuff of black and white movies. Macabre slapstick. But it isn’t. It is incomprehensible. How on earth, in this day and age, [...]

FabAwards2017 – the award winning shares

27 November 2017|0 Comments

The winner was https://fabnhsstuff.net/2016/11/03/memory-boxes-improving-engagement-staff-patients-dementia/             The winner was https://fabnhsstuff.net/2017/04/04/introduction-blue-zimmer-frames-patients-dementia/             The winner was https://fabnhsstuff.net/2017/08/28/making-referrals-easier-fab/               The winner was https://fabnhsstuff.net/2016/11/16/tacking-obesity-brent-giving-every-child-best-start-life/     [...]

Simon Stevens, CEO, NHS England – Speech to NHS Providers, Birmingham, November 8th – in full

08 November 2017|0 Comments

Simon Stevens, CEO, NHS England - Speech to NHS Providers, Birmingham, November 8th - in full THE NHS APPROACHING 70 - PROGRESS AND PROSPECTS We meet today with the NHS in full mobilisation for the [...]

Latest fab stuff

24 Hours in Maternity – Episode 1

15 January 2018|0 Comments

Linda and Tricia talk about what it's like to work in our maternity department.

Dementia Care Tool 1 – Yes it really is YOU

15 January 2018|0 Comments

Ourselves -  the most powerful dementia care tool there is, because how much a person with dementia cooperates and engages depends mostly on us. So knowing how to use yourself as a care tool [...]

Scotter Ward Lincolnshire Community Health Services

14 January 2018|0 Comments

Clare's Pledge was to tidy the patient medication drawers in their lockers. On the ward all patients have a locker with a lockable drawer that contains their patient named medications. T he drawers very often [...]

‘All About me’ seeing the patient behind the dementia

14 January 2018|0 Comments

On Scotter Ward we are passionate about ensuring that our patients living with dementia receive the best possible care whilst they stay with us. My name is Donna and I am the Clinical Team Lead/Ward [...]

Scheduled On Time Departure from Hospital

14 January 2018|0 Comments

In about May 2017, I had an idea that on a Monday ward round I should anticipate a complex patient’s discharge from hospital by saying “everything should be ok by Wednesday, so you will be [...]

End of Life Care relative vouchers at SaTH

11 January 2018|0 Comments

Happy New Year & our first share of the year and all part of my 1 share a month promise. In November 2017 we introduced End of Life Care relative vouchers at Shrewsbury and Telford [...]

Cost savings in theatres in Dublin, public hospital. Sandra Morton MSC thesis

10 January 2018|0 Comments

The tangible output from this project was the cost saving in the region of €940,000 over a 12 month period. The implementation of this methodology has confirmed that significant cost savings can be realised with [...]


09 January 2018|0 Comments

Myography is a life story book for older adults, it was designed to not only record a persons life story but prompt and promote engagement not only from the author but also their family, friends [...]

Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (WUTH)

08 January 2018|0 Comments

In accordance with my Fab Pledge we have initiated a Staff Book Club. It is a well-being and literacy initiative, a partnership project between Wirral Libraries and WUTH and a fun opportunity for Trust staff [...]

Ignar’s Dementia Guide “One Rule Them All”

08 January 2018|0 Comments

“One Rule Them All” 
is a short & practical roadmap for easier dementia care - making your work easier! It’s also a practical tool for giving more Joy & Happiness to people who are [...]

Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust

07 January 2018|0 Comments

RDASH is a mental health and community NHS Trust. We provide a range of services for people with differing needs, some who have difficulties that are compounded by poverty, homelessness, isolation and loneliness. This becomes [...]

Exciting new series starting tomorrow from Fab Ambassador Ignar Rip

07 January 2018|0 Comments

I am Ignar Rip your new, and I believe the first FAB ambassador from outside the United Kingdom. I live in Holland in a little town near the Rhine by Arnhem, you know the [...]

12 days of Christmas – a review of many of our fabulous shares

06 January 2018|0 Comments

Over the 12 days of Christmas we have been highlighting key themes which have emerged throughout 2017 in the shares which have been submitted to the website. These include dementia care, listening to service users, [...]

On the 12th day of Christmas our fab sharers gave to us …….

05 January 2018|0 Comments

A very strong reminder about the importance of valuing your staff You are fab, that should be acknowledged, valued and used as inspiration for others http://bit.ly/1MRVjz0 You should be empowered to #JustDoIt

On the 11th day of Christmas our fab sharers gave to us ……

04 January 2018|0 Comments

Clear examples of how the commissioning and procurement process can bring about innovative services, improve quality and access and save money Its all about Redesign not rubbish http://bit.ly/1JRjE9x

On the 10th day of Christmas our fab sharers gave to us ……

03 January 2018|0 Comments

A very simple but clear message that listening to service users is fundamental if we wish to deliver truly patient, not institution, driven services http://bit.ly/1LPkfu8

On the 9th day of Christmas our fab sharers gave to us …….

02 January 2018|0 Comments

Ideas and examples of service initiatives which strive to deliver cost efficiency savings whilst improving quality So lets bin what doesn't work and do something that does! http://bit.ly/1LOmT1t

Happy New Year – with your continued support 2018 is going to be epic!

01 January 2018|0 Comments

HAPPY NEW YEAR Thank you for your support, collaboration, encouragement and sharing. 2017 was an amazing year that culminated in November in FabChangeWeek and our Fab Awards show. 2018 will be equally exciting and we [...]

On the 8th day of Christmas our sharers gave to us ……

01 January 2018|0 Comments

A very clear  New Year Message about the importance of integrating health and social care http://bit.ly/1LOmZGm

On the 7th day of Christmas our fab sharers gave to us ……

31 December 2017|0 Comments

Brilliant initiatives for children and young people with health problems http://bit.ly/1LOn3WF

A big thank you to our FabAwards 2017 Award sponsors:

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