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Wall of Endorsements

Wirral University Teaching Hospital

Pledge Using the palliative neonatal pathway for our patients at the right time in the right way to support good practice and care for the babies families

Why? The use of the palliative pathway in neonatal unit allows the whole team including parents to know the direction of care and can be able to provide the best outcome for the baby and the family. We have been using this new template for the last 18 months. Overall we are consistency in starting the pathway but we have sometimes been a little late in commencing it

How? Our bereavement team discussed supporting all of the staff to remind them about the pathway and when it is appropriate to introduce it for the babies. We have in the past had sessions for the staff and will do teaching sessions again in the month of November so that we can answer any questions people might have added help our newer staff to learn more about the bereavement resources and processes involved

What? Agreed to do some sessions in November to support staff with using the neonatal palliative pathway.

We are planning a study day in the new year to provide a more comprehensive review.

Pleased that we are discussing the pathway and staff are becoming more confident with completing it when the situation arises

Samantha Jones, NHS England Director – New Models of Care

“There is so much excellent, innovative and exciting practice taking place across the NHS. The Academy of Fab NHS Stuff allows people to show their work with pride, sharing it with others and as a result, making a big difference for patients and staff. What can be better than that? What a great idea.”

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive NHS England

“The NHS is (as Roy Lilley would say) full of ‘fabulous stuff’.

Enthusiastic people, with smart ideas, making services better, quicker, safer, more reliable and cost effective. The future of the NHS partly depends on the extent to which we can get better at sharing ideas and sharing best practice. That’s at the heart of the Vanguard programme, but it can’t just happen there. So if you have a good idea – share it. And if you’re looking for a solution – make this your first port of call.”