All acute admissions are at risk of deterioration. Track and trigger systems like the NEWS run in parallel to direct observation and clinical experience of the staff. However despite both these systems there are still occasions where a patient has continued to deteriorate and there may have been missed opportunities to detect this deterioration early. Early detection offers the best opportunity to implement simple effective interventions preventing further deterioration and unplanned intensive care admission and cardiac arrests.
Using IT to automate the monitoring and alerting the team to early deterioration offers the opportunity to minimise delays in attendance , human error in mis-scoring and therefor not escalating patients and the opportunity to integrate with existing patient electronic records to produce novel alerts to drive improvement in key risk groups including sepsis and renal failure. The introduction of IT systems frees audit time to focus on other aspects of care and provides the opportunity of big data to refine the system to further improve early detection and escalation in this group. Many lives will be saved by making these changes and costs will reduce

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