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What is your Super Power?

I think that we can all agree that working for the National Health Service requires individuals with incredible commitment, determination, work ethic and kindness. That sounds a lot like a superhero to me. Okay, maybe [...]

12 October 2016Mark Cherry (Operations Manager at GoToJobBoard.com)Categories: Roy's Blog0 Comments

It’s a lottery

Have you planned your holiday? Looking forward to relaxing in the leather luxury of your favourite airline, enjoying a glass of bubbly?   Ok, it might be sharp elbows, speedy-boarding and nearly two quid for [...]

15 June 2016Categories: Roy's Blog0 Comments


Sarah Woolaston was a GP, now she is an MP. She was a Brexiter now she is a former Brexiter. She's given them the heave-ho because of the porkies they are telling about £350m a [...]

10 June 2016Categories: Roy's Blog0 Comments

The fabulous Road to Brum

I must be getting old.... I can remember when Birmingham's famous Bullring Shopping Centre was first built. No, I'm not talking about the Middle Ages when it was a market... I'm talking in the '60's. [...]

02 June 2016Categories: FabAmbassador, Roy's Blog0 Comments

Reality – news and comment from Roy Lilley

Reality. In the world of public finances there is no reality. We are dealing with visions and ideas. Reality is distorted by evidence-less policy, fond hope, imagination and a lucky rabbit's foot. Some might say [...]

31 May 2016Categories: Roy's Blog0 Comments

What industrial scale deceit

The BMA never intended to negotiate in good faith, for a deal to end their strike threat.  This is the only conclusion to be drawn from a collection of one thousand pages of damaging leaked [...]

27 May 2016Categories: Roy's Blog0 Comments

Data is our friend.

I'm being stalked. Followed around. Everywhere I go it's there. It's a word and the word is Data!  On Wednesday evening, at the King's Fund, I was in conversation with Lord Carter of Bog-Roll, talking [...]

20 May 2016Categories: News, Roy's Blog0 Comments

The end of the Junior Doctors strike

So after all the shouting, horn-tooting and freezing on the picket line the junior doctor's kerfuffle is over.   Extended talks ended on Wednesday afternoon.   Who has won? Apparently, that is 'not a helpful [...]

19 May 2016Categories: Roy's Blog1 Comment

We are all much smarter than this

Courtesy technology, social media and the wonderous electronic world-wide, intrer-connected-webulous, despite being half the world away I've been able to keep across events, do my bit on the telly and wireless and file copy for [...]

27 April 2016Categories: News, Roy's Blog0 Comments

I could be wrong 

The only thing that puzzles me about the junior doctors walk out is that anyone is puzzled by it. It was obvious from the start that the dispute would end in tears.   The Tory [...]

26 April 2016Categories: News, Roy's Blog0 Comments
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