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What is your Super Power?

I think that we can all agree that working for the National Health Service requires individuals with incredible commitment, determination, work ethic and kindness. That sounds a lot like a superhero to me. Okay, maybe [...]

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It’s a lottery

Have you planned your holiday? Looking forward to relaxing in the leather luxury of your favourite airline, enjoying a glass of bubbly?   Ok, it might be sharp elbows, speedy-boarding and nearly two quid for [...]

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Sarah Woolaston was a GP, now she is an MP. She was a Brexiter now she is a former Brexiter. She's given them the heave-ho because of the porkies they are telling about £350m a [...]

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What industrial scale deceit

The BMA never intended to negotiate in good faith, for a deal to end their strike threat.  This is the only conclusion to be drawn from a collection of one thousand pages of damaging leaked [...]

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Data is our friend.

I'm being stalked. Followed around. Everywhere I go it's there. It's a word and the word is Data!  On Wednesday evening, at the King's Fund, I was in conversation with Lord Carter of Bog-Roll, talking [...]

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