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Friends of Fab Stuff

Apollo Nursing Resource

The Apollo Nursing Resource is an online resource to help the specialist nurse community communicate their work to others for the benefit of patients. The focus of Apollo resources is to enable nurse specialists to speak up about their service, to be able to prepare supporting evidence to demonstrate the complexity of their service and to have the language to articulate the complexity of their role.

Future Focussed Finance

Future-Focused Finance is about ‘Making People Count’. That includes everyone who works in finance, in every role at every level, those we work with to deliver services and the patients and communities that use and support those services.


nhsManagers.net has surprised itself by becoming probably the widest read e-letter for health service workers in the UK, now reaching around 200,000 readers per week. It has become a ‘first read’ in the morning for legions of health service personnel and it is delighted to support and encourage the Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff.


Coloplast is among the world’s leading suppliers of intimate healthcare products and services. For more than 50 years, Coloplast has developed and marketed innovative products that make life easier for people with conditions of a personal and private nature. Working as a partner to the NHS, their focus is centered on ostomy care, continence care, urology care and treatment of chronic wounds.

Kissing it Better

Kissing it Better is about sharing simple healthcare ideas. It is also about harnessing the energy of the most dynamic groups in a local community and inviting them to use their specialist skills to make a difference to the care of patients and their carers within hospitals and care homes. Tackling the small things can have a fundamental effect on everyone. Many of the simple ideas on our site make patients and staff feel truly appreciated. This quickly improves morale and motivation and, therefore, the energy within a hospital or care home.

Big Up the NHS

Big Up the NHS started life as a twitter account in August 2013. The idea was to counter the negative press, raise the profile of the NHS, help improve morale, lobby for more funding and ultimately improve the experience of our patients. This idea proved popular, the account attracted more than 8000 followers in the first 6 months. A blog was started in January 2014 as was a Facebook group which attracted 350 followers in the first week. There is also a LinkedIn group which is just starting to get going.

Royal College of Nursing

Founded in 1916 as a professional organisation for trained nurses, the Royal College of Nursing has evolved into a successful professional union. For almost a century the RCN has pioneered professional standards for nurses, in their education, their practice, and their working conditions. Today the RCN has over 400,000 members, and is uniquely acknowledged as the “voice of nursing” by both the government and the public.

Find Your Place

Launched this year, ‘Find your place’ showcases opportunities in the North East and Cumbria for medical professionals. From world-class NHS facilities and clinicians to stunning landscapes, towns and cities, the region has got it all.

The Edge

The Edge is about making connections between people, ideas and knowledge for transformational change in health and care. The Edge brings together ideas and the very latest sources of knowledge so people can inspire and inform each other to be disruptive innovators. The knowledge we share comes from many diverse disciplines, schools of thought, industries and sectors from across the world. Our premise is that by sharing and making sense of leading edge knowledge about change in a generic sense and applying it to our own contexts, we can dramatically improve our prospects for transforming health and care.

Practice Index

Practice Index is dedicated to providing platforms for GP Practice Managers to share knowledge and resources and discuss issues and topics within a secure environment. The popular Practice Managers’ Forum is free to join and brings together Practice Managers from all across the UK.


FoNS has developed an excellent reputation at the forefront of nursing. As a registered charity, FoNS operates UK wide and across all healthcare settings. They are dedicated to working with nurses and healthcare teams to develop and share innovative ways of improving practice, thereby enabling them to provide care that is high quality, evidence based and meets the needs of patients.

Institute of Healthcare Management

The Institute of Healthcare Management is the leading independent membership organisation for health and social care managers, supporting personal development and driving change to improve health and wellbeing for all through quality management.

NHS England Vanguard

In January 2015 the NHS invited individual organisations and partnerships to apply to become ‘vanguard’ sites for the New Care Models Programme. More than 260 individual organisations and health and social care partnerships expressed an interest in developing a model in one of the areas of care, and on 10 March, the first wave of 29 vanguard sites were chosen. Each vanguard site will take a lead on the development new care models which will act as the blue prints for the NHS moving forward and the inspiration to the rest of the health and care system.

KPMG What Works: Patient Engagement

Patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) are being used by health systems around the world to determine how effectively the treatment improves the quality of life. Patients undergoing hip replacement, knee replacement, varicose vein and groin hernia surgery with the UK National Health Service (NHS) are invited to complete questionnaires, with results forming part of the measurement of care quality.

PROMs are, however, only a start. Going a stage further, patients are starting to play an active role in the design of care pathways and helping to define desired outcomes and indicators, which form a basis for doctors’ pay and bonuses.

NHS Hack Day

NHS Hack Days are weekend events that bring together healthcare and technology professionals and other “geeks who love the NHS” to promote health.

Our events are free to attend, and have great support from across the healthcare and tech sectors. We’re a friendly bunch, so come along and get stuck in!

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Healthcare Improvement Scotland believe that every person in Scotland should receive the best healthcare possible every time you come into contact with your health service.

HIS are the national healthcare improvement organisation for Scotland and part of NHSScotland. They work with staff who provide care in hospitals, GP practices, clinics, NHS boards and with patients, carers, communities and the public.

QI Connect Webex Series

Healthcare Improvement Scotland is currently hosting an exciting line up of monthly WebEx sessions presented by an exceptional global faculty.

Simply link in from your own desk to learn from national and international leaders in quality improvement.

People Driven Digital unAwards 2015

On the 3rd July 2015 the inaugural People Driven Digital unAwards will give big kudos to people who have found clever ways to solve everyday problems through digital technologies. We know that ordinary people can help solve health and social care problems. We want to give the system a nudge and help more people do more to make a difference.

An overall winner from each categories will be judged by Roy Lilley and Theresa Porritt, while Roy will also be compering the event.

Closing date for applications is 24 May.

Evidently Cochrane

Evidently Cochrane aims to make Cochrane evidence really accessible, and to encourage discussion about it, through weekly blogs, which usually feature new or updated Cochrane reviews on a health topic. It is for everyone who is interested in finding and using the best quality evidence to inform decisions about health.

RCP Future Hospital Programme

Following the publication of its groundbreaking report, Future hospital: caring for medical patients, in September 2013, the Royal College of Physicians set up the Future Hospital Programme to implement its recommendations. The Future Hospital Programme helps development sites across England and Wales deliver and evaluate projects aligned with the Future Hospital vision of patient-centred care. We want to find more examples of innovative practice to improve patient care so if you have a project you would like us to know about follow the link to our ‘Tell us your story’ campaign.


show|me|the|access is about making information about accessibility of goods, services, activities and venues much more immediate.

The idea is simple. A site hosting web links to video. The aim is a resource for not only people with impairments, and people who provide the services to them, such as hotels, airports, enterprise herbs, dentists, etc, but also facilitators such as occupational therapist, support workers, teachers, hard-pressed family members, and others. Links to video on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo or myhotelvideo will be uploaded by the experts, i.e. the people who know about access, who are the people with impairments themselves; or by the professionals e.g. occupational therapists and social workers; or by the providers, e.g. manufacturers, retailers, theatres. There would be a requirement of the written word too, making it accessible to screen readers and search engines. Ideally, an audio commentary would give a higher ranking on the page, as would reviews.


memoryissues is an attempt to share our journey with dementia. The starting point is almost a year after the author’s wife’s diagnosis of vascular dementia following stroke. It is an attempt to share aspects of life with dementia so that others who might have to tread this path, or support others on the same journey, might benefit from reading their story. Inevitably it will comment on individuals and organisations that are attempting to ease our journey. Scrupulous attempts will be made to preserve anonymity. The focus of the blog will be on positive experiences and will avoid criticism of those who are doing their level best to help us to discover that there is life with dementia. Please feel free to comment on any aspect of this Blog.

Health and Care Videos

Health and Care Videos is a trading arm of South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and over the last couple of years, we have been building a library of videos that we use in our acute hospital, our work in the community, and with our staff and carers.

They save time, they save money, and they improve the patient and user experience of the care that we provide.

All of our videos have been developed by clinicians and specialists who work in the health and care sectors and now they are available for you to buy and use at a much lower cost than creating your own videos, without all the hard work.

Please take a look around the library. Once you have chosen the videos you want, we will add your logo and your contact details so that each video looks like one of your very own. But the great thing is that you can get them within just a few days, without all the time involved in making your own, and at a much reduced cost; our prices start at just £50.

Deloitte UK Centre for Health Solutions

The Deloitte UK Centre for Health Solutions generates insights and thought leadership based on the key trends, challenges and opportunities within the healthcare and life sciences industry.

Working closely with other centres in the Deloitte network, including the U.S. centre in Washington, their team of researchers develop ideas, innovations and insights that encourage collaboration across the health value chain, connecting the public and private sectors; health providers and purchasers; and consumers and suppliers.

They also host a blog called Thoughts from the Centre at: http://blogs.deloitte.co.uk/health/


CHARM – Community Hospitals Association Research & Media

CHARM is the Community Hospitals Association’s knowledge and resources website, dedicated to promoting research and good practice. Our mission is to share knowledge of community hospitals in order to continually improve community hospital services for patients, families and whole communities. This knowledge can also help to inform decision-making on planning, providing, developing and commissioning healthcare.