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Patient Experience

Understanding and improving how patients experience care is crucial to the delivery of high quality services which meet individuals’ needs. The narrative in healthcare must shift from ‘What’s the matter with you?” to “what matters to you?”. We know that patients care just as much about their ‘experience’ of services as safety and effectiveness. Pledges in this category may consider how patients are supported and listened to; how they are truly involved in their care in a way that facilitates choice and decision making; projects that allow faster access to services or perhaps attention to physical/environmental detail. There is no doubt that improving patient experience has an inherent value to patients and their families; patients with better care experiences often have better health outcomes too. What will you pledge?

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RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust

RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust Fab Change Week 2017 Pledge

Alzheimer’s Society

RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust Fab Change Week 2017 Pledge

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