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#100DaysofChange – Stories from Change Day 2015

Helping the hungry and homeless

By | 28 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

Sharon Baker is a volunteer at SIFA fireside, a local charity tackling homelessness, alcohol misuse and social exclusion and Birmingham’s only drop-in centre. Here she shares why she is setting up the Birmingham Teapot Campaign to raise funds to continue to deliver this valued service.

GMC staff making changes

By | 27 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

Working with doctors everyday inspired people across the General Medical Council to make changes, either at work or in their personal lives to help make a difference in the NHS. Ian, Vicky and Tista talk about their pledges and the positive results that have come from them.

1 Change Day, 1 Guardian Service, 200 staff visits

By | 26 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

An independent Guardian Service has given staff at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust the opportunity to confidentially raise their concerns. The service was set up last year by National Patient Champion, Ashley Brooks, as an NHS Change Day pledge in response to the Francis Report to ensure patients are always put first. The service, which is the first of its kind in the country, has provided support to over 100 members of staff, relating to their work, patient care or safety. Here, Ashley shares why he set up the service and the benefits it has had for staff and patients.

The Edge

By | 25 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

Today we share the story of The Edge: a virtual online hub and bulletin for change agents in health and social care, aimed at all who are committed to bold thinking and swift action for change; from patient leaders to front line change activists to improvement specialists to educationalists and researchers to senior leaders.

Staff ‘swap shop’

By | 24 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

For NHS Change Day 2014, St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust pledged to shadow - and be shadowed by - a member of staff from a different department. The called this, ‘the staff swap shop.’ Over 100 people from across the organisation joined this action.

Reviewing end of life care

By | 23 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the name for a collection of lung diseases including chronic bronchitis and emphysema which affect normal breathing and for which there is no cure. The COPD Mortality Project was established in September 2014 to review COPD end of life care at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Pinky Promise

By | 22 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

NHS Improving Quality, NHS England, The Royal College of General Practitioners, Carers UK, Carers Trust and The Children’s Society through NHS England’s Commitment to Carers created an opportunity for young carers to influence strategic leaders and policy makers. An event was held in October 2014. As a result leaders made ‘pinky pledges’.

Rebel Alliance

By | 21 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

Jodi Brown is creating a Rebel Alliance: a social network of people that are involved in leading change in health and social care. The alliance is all about peer support for individuals through the inevitable emotional and motivational ups and downs of leading change.

Change Day British Columbia

By | 20 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

Change Day British Columbia (BC) was launched on February 19. Here they share why they are joining this global social movement for change and why they believe that individual acts of change can combine and lead to significant improvements for health and social care.

Paired Learning

By | 19 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

Alex Borg is Deputy Chief Operating Office at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Here he shares his NHS Change Day action to set up paired learning.


By | 18 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

#MatExp is one of the campaigns that NHS Change Day is supporting this year. In today's story, Florence Wilcox and Gill Phillips explain why they have set up the #MatExp campaign.

Making Change as a Student Nurse

By | 17 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

Whilst on placement as a student mental health nurse I made a small change to improve the recording of patient’s vital observations. Vital observations include taking Blood pressure, pulse, respirations, and temperature and oxygen saturations. [...]

Time to Change

By | 14 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

writer and mental health campaigner Lisa Rodrigues shares her own personal mental health story and tells us why it is Time to Change, to get NHS staff to consider their own attitudes to mental illness, and to ask NHS staff who have experienced mental illness and who are willing to do so, to speak about their experiences, thus reducing the sense of ‘them’ and ‘us’.

My experience of Post Natal Depression

By | 13 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

My experience of Post Natal Depression does not define me, but for some reason, admitting that I had it makes me feel as though I now have permanently assigned a negative label to myself. If we can end the stigma by making it okay to break our silence and tell our stories, we can change this.

New Health and Care Voices

By | 12 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

New Health and Care Voices is a growing community of people, who are passionate about connecting, collaborating and sharing ideas. David Smith, who works in specialist mental health services, shares here the value and benefits of the New Health and Care Voices events for him and for service users, and the links, connections and diverse networks he has been able to build by widening the conversation.

Normal Birth for Lone Nuts

By | 10 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

The ‘Normal Birth for Lone Nuts’ Facebook page has been set up by Natalie Corden and Rachel Checkland, to promote positivity around normal, physiological birth. Today Natalie shares why they decided to set up the group, why the crazy name and how setting up the group has benefitted Natalie personally.

Tweet, Share, Inspire

By | 09 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

CJ Graham is Project Manager in Community Ophthalmology at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. For her NHS Change Day action this year she is encouraging her healthcare colleagues to use twitter, sharing the benefits of tweeting and she's supporting others to get tweeting.


By | 08 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

#CuppaCare is a simple concept that costs nothing to implement and is able to be taken on by anybody, whilst truly focusing on patient centred care. So stick the kettle on and find out why Maria Davidson and Gavin Sykes are encouraging staff to sit down for a cup of tea with their patients.

Community Diabetes care

By | 07 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

Early in 2013 the Community Diabetes Team (Dietitians and Diabetes Specialist Nurses) launched a pilot programme of Low Carb Diet Groups, offering education and support for people with Type 2 Diabetes who wished to follow a healthy low carb diet and have the necessary support with their medication changes. Harpal Baines, who is a member of the group, contacted NHS Change Day as she wanted to tell us about the group and how it has enabled her to make huge changes for the better, in managing her diabetes

Organ Donation

By | 06 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

Alex Kamadu, Transformation Fellow for NHS IQ, has registered to be an organ donor for his NHS Change Day 2015 action. Why did he make this decision and where can you find out more about becoming an organ donor?

Asthma advice via Facebook

By | 05 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

Our role is to provide education and support to children and families to help them manage their asthma better. A large part of our role is health promotion and health education. We felt that we needed another avenue to help our parents and young people feel more confident to manage their asthma and deliver health promotion to a wider audience.

Supporting moms and babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

By | 04 February 2015|Categories: 100 Days of Change|

Part of my role in the hospital is supporting moms and babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I know what it is like to spend many hours, days, weeks and even months in NICU. It can often be a place that is very clinical and scary and so I decided I would try to see if I could change this and make it more of a place of hope. So I approached my manager and infant feeding specialist midwife and told them my idea to make NICU a place that was welcoming and comfortable.


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