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Please note, the following questions and answers refer to 2016’s FabChange Day.

  1. What is FabChange Day?
    Everyone and anyone can choose to make the NHS, primary care and social care better. Fab Change Day is a grassroots movement that asks anyone who engages with the NHS, primary care and social care to make a change for the better, and to then share what they have done to inspire others. FabChange Day is our opportunity to come together and harness our collective energy, creativity and ideas to make a change. Together each of our small actions will make a big difference in improving the care and wellbeing of those who use health and social care services. What will your action be?

  2. Can anyone get involved?
    Yes, anyone can get involved, whether you work in health or social care, or are a patient or member of the public.

  3. How do I get involved?
    It’s simple. Think about what you want to do and do it!

  4. How can I get my organisation involved?
    Spread the word, tell everyone about FabChange Day and encourage them to get involved. There’s lots of useful tips on how you can promote what you are doing, how you can spread the message within your organisation in the resources section.

  5. Can other people join my action?
    This year, we are asking individuals, groups and organisations to log their actions individually. You can log your action on behalf of a group or organisation, but not join up with another action.If you would like to make an action to support one of the FabChange Day 2016 campaigns, visit campaigns to find out what you can do to support a campaign and how you can get involved.

  6. What is new this year?
    NHS Change Day 2016 is a bit different from last year. This year, we’re asking people to focus on a year of putting their idea into action. We will be launching an app soon which will help you to share your idea and then plot, record and support your progress to completion of your project.

  7. What can I do?
    Your action can be anything you like – it’s personal to you – as long as it’s about doing something to improve care, integration, attitude, perspectives or experience for patients or staff. You can log your action on your own, with others as a team, or with your whole organisation.For inspiration and ideas on what you could do, read the 100 Days of Change stories or be inspired by the 2015 actions where you can find out what others were doing to make a change for the better.

  8. What difference will my action make?
    Your action is your chance to make a positive improvement to your health and social care services. Every action, whether big or small, will make a difference. It will also help inspire other people to get involved. Taken together, all the actions add up to one really big difference, with a move towards better outcomes for patients and staff.

  9. How do I find out what’s going on locally?
    Our network of Hubbies are keen volunteers who’ve committed to helping other people to make a change for the better. They work hard organising events, running sessions, telling people what’s going on, and clearing obstacles out of the way. Send us an email or tweet us, and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest Hubbie representative.

  10. Do I have to do my action on FabChange Day?
    Actions can be carried out and recorded at any time.

  11. Who runs FabChange Day?
    FabChange Day belongs to all of us and everyone who wants to make a change to improve health and social care. The idea for NHS Change Day came from frontline staff and we remain the driving force behind it. In 2016 FabNHSStuff are supporting FabChangeDay and aiding the dissemination nationally of the fab improvements and changes that we make.

  12. How can I get support to run FabChange Day in my team or organisation?
    You can download the Resources we have on the website. You can ask people in your organisation who have responsibility for running events to help you. There are also local hubbies (FabChange Day volunteers) and FabAmbassadors in each region who may be able to point you in the right direction or give advice about how to run your own Fab Change Day locally. All the hub leaders and FabAmbassadors are volunteers who work in the NHS so their support will be at their discretion.

  13. What about copyright? Can I use the resources from this site? Can I change them?
    If you’re doing something to do with change in the NHS or any health or social care environment, please feel free to use any of the materials on this site, amend them, adapt them, or create your own. Please link it with FabChangeDay if you can. If you’re doing something from another health service elsewhere in the world, please feel free to adapt freely. If you’re doing something which isn’t health related, or isn’t to do with change, please feel free to use (and attribute) the stories you find on the site. Please don’t re-use or adapt the artwork for something else, though.

  14. How can I view my action from last year?
    To view your action from last year – you will need to login using your Fab Stuff login and go to My Action 2015 page.


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