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fabchangedapp-campaignsFor patients and their carers to achieve the things that matter to them by working in partnership with those in the NHS – #HelloOURaimis

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Alex Silverstein writes:

“#Hellomynameis Alex Silverstein. I am a 27yr old with three long-term health conditions. I seem to collect them every 12 years and my dad has told me the only one I have left, that is auto-immune and causes stomach pains, is marriage. However, I’m not defined in any way by my health conditions, I am a brother, a son, a keen traveler, and one day, I aspire to dance without embarrassing my girlfriend. However, to achieve the things I want in life, I do need support from a variety of people to help me manage my health.  I am extremely passionate about our NHS, and believe we must use simple tools and work together with patients and carers (not for, or to) to give people the confidence to look after themselves (or the people they care for), whilst achieving what they want in life. That’s why I launched the #HelloOURaimis campaign. To learn more please watch this video or keep reading below.”
Alex Silverstein

#HelloOURaimis hopes to follow on from the fantastic social movement #Hellomynameis, led by Kate Granger, who asked all NHS staff to ensure they introduced themselves before delivering care. She believes this is about more than just knowing someone’s name. It is about making a human connection, beginning a therapeutic relationship and building trust. In her mind it was the first rung on the ladder to providing compassionate care. Speaking with Kate, we wanted to find a way to continue that conversation and journey towards person-centered care.

HelloOURaimis asks you what is the single most important aim you want to achieve and how the people involved in your care (you, family, friends, carers, doctors, nurses etc) can work with you to achieve this aim. This can be done just through conversation, or by filling out the one page HelloOURaimis aim plan, AimPlan — if you need help completing your aimplans then watch the video below for guidance.

For patients it is about ensuring you use all the amazing resources that are found within local communities to support you in managing your health, and hopefully achieve the positive small aims you wish for in your life to ensure you live well and stay well.

For healthcare professionals, by filling out the #HelloOURaimis aimplans or asking these questions when you see patients, it can support you to do person-centered care, shared-decision making and care-planning within one short conversation.

For this to work, like your care, it will need a partnership between healthcare professionals, patients and their carers. By working together, we can move the management of health from I to we, so illness becomes wellness. Together that can be our aim!

Take Part

Photo of aimplan for website

Alex with his completed AimPlan and his GP, Dr Samantha Brown

  1. For Patients. Choose a topic to create a shared aim around at your next appointment (use the aimplans if needed).
  2. For Health Care Professionals: Make a shared aim with your patients, around a topic chosen by them (use the aimplans if needed).
  3. For both: Tweet a photo of you and tell us your shared aim using the hashtag #HelloOURaimis.


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