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Actions from 2015

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To make sure every pregnant mum is Pprom aware

by Ciara Curran, 10 March 2016 : 0 Comments

We support Pprom pregnant mums through pregnancy and beyond regardless of their outcomes, regardless of their gestations We share our parents stories so others know are not alone, and to educate people that just because your waters break does not mean it's the end of your pregnancy See our webpage http://www.little-heartbeats.org.uk/ #ImPpromAware #PpromAware #PPROM

Setting up and facilitating a menopause support group

by Sally Webster, 11 January 2016 : 0 Comments

Providing a six session programme of information, activities and support for women going through the menopause

Getting the right people there in time

by Phil Laws, 14 September 2015 : 0 Comments

All acute admissions are at risk of deterioration. Track and trigger systems like the NEWS run in parallel to direct observation and clinical experience of the staff. However despite both these systems there are still occasions where a patient has continued to deteriorate and there may have been missed opportunities to detect this deterioration early. Early detection offers the best opportunity to implement simple effective interventions preventing further deterioration and unplanned intensive care admission and cardiac arrests. Using IT to automate the monitoring and alerting the team to early deterioration offers the opportunity to minimise delays in attendance , human error in mis-scoring and therefor not escalating patients and the opportunity to integrate with existing patient electronic records to produce novel alerts to drive improvement in key risk groups including sepsis and renal failure. The introduction of IT systems frees audit time to focus on other aspects of care and provides the opportunity of big data to refine the system to further improve early detection and escalation in this group. Many lives will be saved by making these changes and costs will reduce

Promote skin-to-skin in theatres!

by Amy Sampson-Brown, 07 June 2015 : 0 Comments

Not enough mothers and babies are given the opportunity to have skin-to-skin in theatre. I pledge to change this in my local Trust. I am going to inform women of this choice and its benefits before electives cesareans and the MDT when discussing the theatre lists in the morning at the team brief. I am also going to offer this to women who have had emergency procedures, again informing them of the benefits. Where this is truly not possible, I am going to promote this amongst partners. I hope to inspire other members of the MDT will be inspired to incorporate this pledge into their own practice.

Smiles all round!

by Helen Garrod, 28 May 2015 : 0 Comments

I pledge to always smile at all patients and their families that use our service, including those directly in my care and also those that aren't. A smile can go a long way in the beginning of building a trusting relationship with people in your care and is often overlooked by many staff under the pressures of the workplace. It costs nothing to smile, so let's all make the NHS an even friendlier caring environment!

Campaign for mental health funding and ending its stigmatized status

by James Murray, 11 May 2015 : 0 Comments

I see stigma institutionalised within aspects of our society, this discrimination occurs on a national level. Councils in England spend 1.36% of public health spending on mental health. Discrimination like this needs to be addressed. I pledge to act to keep doing all I can to in this regard. I started a petition (link: http://goo.gl/TcTgSn) to equalize health spending. I am maintaining a voice on social media to draw attention to it and other mental health causes. Until there is real change I want to act to get that change and to help charities and individuals who make up for or suffer from the shortcomings of our health spending. It is a national health service that is supposed to provide for all and is institutionally discriminatory to mental health sufferers, who make up 1 in 4 of us a year. That is not universal healthcare and I will act to try to rectify that.

Telling clinicians about improvement science

by Zoe Neill, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

All clinicians during their training need to learn about improvement science: about quality, safety, flow and productivity. They need to know about where the waste is and how to find it. They need to know why and ask why lots of times. They need to know about www.saasoft.com and about the Foundations in Improvement Science for Healthcare online course that can teach them enough to get them curious. Improving healthcare scientifically will cut the chaos, save money, save lives and improve your working life. What's not to like?

Performance Feedback

by louise Simpson, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

I pledge to introduce staff performance feedback within our team. Louise Simpson Clinical services Bridgewater Community Healthcare

Learn to Twit!

by Sally Sally, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

I pledge to have training to be a twit! (i.e. twitter) Sally & Jeanette Podiatry Bridgewater Community Healthcare

Putting our trust values into action

by Kate O'Neill, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

We launched a far reaching discussion with our staff, service users and patients, carers and stakeholders asking what they felt the purpose and goals of the trust should be and how we should work to achieve them. As a result of this, we have put together clearer guidance about the behaviours we expect to see from our staff in their interactions with patients, colleagues and others at work. I was inspired by NHS Change Day to take a positive action and in line with our new vision, our existing values and our new behaviours framework, Iā€™m going to continue to put our trust values into action promote our new behaviours framework to all staff so that they do the same. We will also be embedding these behaviours into our recruitment and appraisal processes and modelling these behaviours at all levels in the trust. Our trust values are togetherness, responsibility, excellence and caring and I think our new behaviours framework will go a long way to providing the best quality care that we can for our patients. We have made a short animation to explain a bit more about our new vision and our values in action and you can watch it here https://vimeo.com/120480607

To shout loudly

by Claire Wilmot, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

I pledge to shout loudly and widely about the wonderful work my service do. Claire Wilmot LD Service Bridgewater Community Healthcare

Inspire people

by Sarah Logan, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

I pledge to continue to inspire students and colleagues within my role. Sarah Logan Bridgewater Community Healthcare

To Focus on Solutions

by Helen Hollett, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

I pledge to focus on solutions rather than problems. Helen Hollet Bridgewater Community Healthcare

Sharing experiences

by Barbara Herbert, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

I pledge to share my experience with our patient partner's to improve services. Barbara Herbert Bridgewater Community Healthcare

To engage with patient feedback.

by Sara- Marie Black, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

I pledge to engage patient feedback with TALK TO US TUESDAY :) Sara-Marie Black District Nurse Bridgewater Community Healthcare

To be more productive

by Sara- Marie Black, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

I Pledge to be more productive with my working time to include teleconferencing and joint team meetings. Sara-Marie Black District Nursing Bridgewater Community Healthcare

To be more Tolerant

by Jackie Mckay, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

I pledge to be more tolerant with the poor IT in Warrington. Jackie McKay Bridgewater Community Healthcare

To be positive

by Carol Jones, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

To have more positive attitudes towards IT problems. Mary Corkery Carol Jones Bridgewater Community Healthcare


by Christine Whittaker, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

I Pledge to spend less time in the car and more time teleconferencing. Christine Whittaker Innovation & Improvement Team Bridgewater Community Healthcare


by Linda Wright, 15 April 2015 : 0 Comments

I Pledge to support my teams to continue delivering safe effective care Linda Wright Service manager children's Bridgewater Community Healthcare