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HealthChat with Ed Smith

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When: 26 Sep 2016

Ed Smith is Chairperson of NHS Improvement, the offspring from the union of Monitor and the TDA. He also holds the Pro-Chancellorship of Birmingham University, is a NED for the Dept of Transport, a member of the competition & markets authority and Treasurer of Chatham House. Previous to all of this he held senior roles at PWC. In short, this is a busy man!

He is a highly influential figure within the healthcare machinations of the NHS and its forward strategy, so it is fair to say that candles are burning to extinction from both ends at present. Certainly the political fall out from Brexit and the uncertainty that pervades all public services in the wake of the leadership vacuum mean that his sage hand has perhaps never been more needed.

What is the NHS ‘pitch’ to the DH and No11 post-austerity? With Trust CEO’s apparently now breaking budgets as a sign of collective solidarity, how does he manage to catalyse a holding of the line? Is the JD’s action simply the vanguard for a winter of discontent from other health unions? What does he say to the hundreds of thousands of front line NHS workers to inspire them in this period of unprecedented demand and uncertain money?

Roy Lilley is asking the questions in what will be a fascinating and deeply insightful evening that you dare not miss. Ed Smith doesn’t have a hugely high profile but, my goodness, he is an ‘influence’ VIP.

HealthChat with Sir Andrew Dillon

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When: 18 Jul 2016

Sir Andrew Dillon is the Chief Executive of the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) and is Roy Lilley’s July HealthChat guest. He is NICE’s founding CEO having been appointed at the organisation’s birth in 1999. Prior to this, he was General Manager of theRoyal Free Hospital and CEO of St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust.

NICE is, in many ways, an intriguing organisation. Founded to be the bulwark between the health service users and the pharmaceutical industry sellers, it faces a daunting task that frequently overspills into public debate and rancour. Sitting at the helm is Sir Andrew, in a role that requires both the most delicate touch and a fortitude for making decisions that can directly impact peoples’ lives.

How does he see the role of NICE developing? Is it delivering its brief? Is it truly a bulwark or, increasingly, an instrument of government? Is the assessment model fit for purpose? Does the organisation have the confidence of the health service and pharmaceutical companies?

Come along and hear his answers at what is certain to be an absorbing evening of insight and opinion.

HealthChat with Duncan Selbie

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When: 21 Jun 2016

Duncan Selbie is Roy Lilley’s guest for our June HealthChat at the Kings Fund. As Chief Executive of Public Health England (PHE), he has an enormous breadth of responsibility across all walks of life. Previously Chief Exec of Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals and previous to that the first Director General of Commissioning, Duncan Selbie has beenworking in the health service for 36 years, so he will be well aware of the stresses and strains that public health (or lack of it) places on the NHS.

Perhaps one of the principal issues to discuss is the take over of the public health budget (£5.45bn over 2 years) by local authorities in 2013. Has it worked? What do we have to show for it? Is the nation’s obesity, sexual health, elderly loneliness, smoking and such like improving or sliding? What went on with sugar tax and accusations from Parliament ofwitheld information? What is his priority plan for the remainder of this Parliament?

This will be a blockbuster evening. Public Health is a huge topic, dripping with relevance for the long term future of the NHS itself. And Duncan Selbie is the man at the epicentre.

HealthChat with Lord Carter

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When: 18 May 2016

Lord Carter of Coles has been busy. His ‘Operational Productivity & Performance in English NHS Acute Hospitals’, published in February, is an 87 page dissection of processes, practices and prices that addresses variation data. It provides 15 key recommendations that the NHS will be busy addressing in order to make the £5.5bn efficiency savings that he says can be achieved.

Are these efficiencies genuinely deliverable? is there an authentic appetite in trusts to deliver them? Does the ‘model hospital’ exist? Why are the variations that he identifies there in the first place? After nearly 7 years of austerity and a static spend budget, why haven’t hospitals been on this case anyway? What happens when we have delivered the £5.5bn? Will this go the same way as his ‘future of pathology’ recommendations?

Roy Lilley will be in the Chair and putting the questions in what is certain to be an absorbing and insightful evening. Lord Carter’s report is as high profile as it gets and the recommendations go to the heart of NHS and supply leadership, so this will be an immensely popular event. Please book immediately to avoid disappointment.

HealthChat with Professor Sir Mike Richards

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When: 01 Mar 2016

Professor Sir Mike Richards, Chief Inspector of Hospitals at the Care Quality Commission, is Roy Lilley’s guest at our March HealthChat in what is certain to be a lively and effervescent evening.

The CQC is faced with complex and challenging issues – how to be an inspection-based guardian of standards in healthcare whilst that healthcare system itself is strained as never before by the perfect storm of exploding demand combined with flat financing. What is the vision of the Chief Inspector? Can that vision be fulfilled? Is inspection itself an effective means of driving quality? What results have been achieved? Are they worth the investment in the inspection regime? Is there an alternative? How can the CQC win the trust of the healthcare system it is designed to protect?

For any observer of the NHS in England, this is a box-office evening. One hesitates to use the word ‘corners’, but it is the equivalent of Lilley in the red trunks with silver tassles versus Sir Mike in the blue with gold trim for what will be a heavyweight verbal and intellectual contest.

HealthChat Liverpool

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When: 11 Feb 2016

In 2016 the HealthChat events will be going on the road and our first venue is to be Aintree Hospital in the magnificent city of Liverpool. Roy Lilley’s guest panel for the evening will be Sir Ian Gilmore (Consultant Liver Specialist and Chair of the Mayoral Commission that led to the ‘Healthy Liverpool’ programme), Dr Simon Bowers (local GP and Clinical Vice Chair of Liverpool CCG) and Roz Gladden (Deputy Mayor of Liverpool and Cabinet Lead Member for Adult Social Care & Health).

This promises to be a scintillating evening of insight, debate and comment around the key health and social care issues confronting Liverpool and the wider Merseyside conurbation. Among key themes will be vertical integration of care, how the money will work, how leadership will be organised and held to account and the extent to which the key organisations and people can be left to get on with running Liverpool health & social care unfettered by central control from Westminster and Victoria.

HealthChat with Stephen Dorrell

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When: 02 Feb 2016

Stephen Dorrell is a former Secretary of State for Health (95-97) and was Chair of the Commons Health Select Committee from 2010-14. Having stood down from his Parliamentary role at the last election, today he is Chair of the NHS Confederation and maintains a consultancy role with KPMG. His last weeks as an MP were noted for his outspoken attack on the Health & Social Care Act in a Guardian interview, when he agreed that the reforms were the ‘biggest mistake of this Parliament’.

As Chair of the Confed, he leads an organisation that will be at the epicentre of the demands made by the recent spending review and evolving health economy as well as the expectations of a service battered by scandal and political machinations.

What is Stephen Dorrell’s view of the current health landscape? How will the NHS Confederation articulate and design a system capable of meeting the demands upon its members? Does the injection of money from the treasury offer a lifeline or a noose?

HealthChat with Professor Sir Cyril Chantler

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When: 14 Jan 2016

Professor Sir Cyril Chantler is a member of the Advisory Board of the All Party Parliamentary Health Group. He has been Chairman of UCL Partners and of the Kings Fund and is variously a governor, trustee or Chairman for a number of charitable trusts and fellowships. He was knighted for services to medicine in 1996.

If there is a more experienced, knowledgeable, thoughtful and enlightening individual in and around the Health Service then we have yet to meet them!

This is a perfect HealthChat with which to start 2016. The insight and perspective that Sir Cyril will bring to the evening is certain to challenge, inform and educate and you can expect some strong opinions and discussions to take place. Can the NHS survive its mounting challenges? How can integrated care be catalysed? What do the key personalities believe and how might concensus be achieved?

HealthChat with Janet Davies

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When: 01 Dec 2015

Janet Davies is the new CEO and General Secretary at the Royal College of Nursing, stepping into the position vacated by Peter Carter. It is a huge challenge given the pressure that nurses across the health spectrum can expect to come under through the perfect storm ofheightening service demand, seriously stretched finance and unfilled vacancies.

How will she balance the competing demands of front line nursing staff, political pressure and expectations of the general public? How will she tackle the issues of nursing quality and nursing compassion in such a challenging environment? What is her plan? What are herpriorities? How will she engage with the 5YFV and NHSE?

This is certain to be an enthralling and important evening as Janet takes her seat with Roy Lilley asking the questions, only 3 months into her tenure. Come along and ask your own questions too!

Please book early as demand is expected to exceed ticket availability very rapidly. Registration is from 5.30pm with the event starting at 6pm and a drinks reception to follow the HealthChat.

HealthChat with Lord Hunt

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When: 19 Nov 2015

Philip Hunt, Lord Hunt of Kings Heath,  is a Labour member of the House of Lords. He was Chairman of the Heart of England NHS Trust until last year and has held several political appointments in the health sector and elsewhere, most recently as Ed Milliband’s spokesman on Home Affairs in the House of Lords as well as being Labour’s shadow deputy leader of the House of Lords.

In 2011 he contributed to a book entitled ‘What Next for Labour? Ideas for a New Generation’ and authored the piece ‘Our NHS – The Labour Party Challenge’.

Given the seismic changes currently being addressed by his political party, now is a good time to take stock of where Labour stands on NHS policy, how it can mount an effective and coherent opposition platform and how the political machinations will influence the all-important issue of funding.

Roy Lilley will once again be asking the questions of this hugely experienced, high conviction politician and health commentator (he resigned as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health over the invasion of Iraq). It promises to be a fascinating and enlightening evening and you are urged to book now in order to secure your place for what is sure to be an over-subscribed event.

HealthChat with Samantha Jones

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When: 29 Oct 2015

Samantha Jones is NHS England’s Director – New Models of Care, a role that she was appointed to in January this year.

Samantha started her NHS career as a paediatric and general nurse and was a national management trainee. Having worked in a variety of operational management roles, and in the national clinical governance support team, she became the Chief Executive of Epsom and St Helier Hospitals NHS Trust. Following this, Samantha worked in the independent sector before she was appointed Chief Executive of West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust in February 2013. In 2014 Samantha was awarded HSJ CEO of the Year and she now leads the implementation of the new care models outlined in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

Roy Lilley will be asking the questions and we can anticipate a fascinating evening of insights, views and opinions from a genuine high flying NHS innovator and leader.

Please book early for this. It is certain to be sold out long before 29th October so please act now to secure your seat. Registration opens at 5.30pm before the main event at 6pm and a drinks reception at the close.

HealthChat with Keith McNeil

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When: 21 Oct 2015

Keith McNeil has, until very recently, been the Chief Executive of Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge, one of the nation’s highest profile hospitals and leadership positions. he resigned in late September in the wake of what was described as a ‘critical’ CQC report that resulted in the trust being put into special measures.

What is the full story of what has taken place? Why is NHS leadership now such an apparently precarious occupation? What role is the money playing in inspection (or is it the other way around)? What lessons can be learnt from what appears to be a terrible mess that affects not just the hospital personnel but the reputation that they carry and the that of the research facilities that they partner with?

Roy Lilley will be interviewing Keith McNeil in what is certain to be a revealing, insightful and absorbing evening that will sell out in a heartbeat.

Please book immediately. We expect tickets to sell out very rapidly indeed and you need to act now in order to be certain of your seat in the audience.

HealthChat with Sir Robert Naylor

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When: 16 Sep 2015

Sir Robert Naylor is the Chief Executive of University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and perhaps one of the health CEOs best suited to act as a litmus test for new policies, pathways and initiatives – of which he has seen plenty in 25 years as an NHS CEO, 15 of which he has been at UCLH. He has been an advisor to numerous strategy groups concerned with health reform and is an advocate of organisational reform as a means of galvanising clinical and leadership teams.

Roy and he have plenty to discuss – the whole future of secondary care, where theVanguards fit, whether big hospitals are sustainable and how the money challenge can be met. You can also expect a lively debate over management thinking and leadership fundamentals.

This will be an immensely popular event that is expected to sell out very quickly, so please book immediately. Dont leave it until after your summer hols – do it now, or be disappointed!

HealthChat with Lord Darzi

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When: 15 Jul 2015

Lord Darzi of Denham (Ara Darzi) remains as a hugely influential figure in health policy design and thought. As one of the world’s leading surgeons at Imperial College (where he holds the Paul Hamlyn Chair of Surgery), Lord Darzi is uniquely qualified as a clinician recognised internationally as a leading advocate for applying innovative reform to health service delivery.

In September 2013, Lord Darzi was appointed by the Mayor of London to lead a review of health, wellbeing and services in London. The London Health Commission (which reported in October 2014) proposed the toughest measures seen in the UK to tackle the “obesity emergency” including a call for the Mayor to rewrite the London Plan to give borough councils greater autonomy in banning takeaways from within 400m of school gates.

In his political career under the Blair Labour government, Lord Darzi is perhaps best known for his Polyclinic recommendations into the future for primary care – again a hot topic in 2015 – which many commentators acknowledge as still required.

Roy Lilley will interview Lord Darzi at the Kings Fund in what is certain to be a rapidly ‘sold out’ event. Please book now to ensure your seat in the audience.

The evening starts at 5.30pm with registration and a drinks reception before the HealthChat commences at 6pm until approximately 7.30pm.

HealthChat with Dr Mark Porter

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When: 18 Jun 2015

Dr Mark Porter is Chair of the British Medical Association, as well as being a consultant anaesthetist at the University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust. He has held a number of roles at the BMA including deputy chair responsible for pay and conditions (2006-9) and chair of the consultants committee from 2009-12.

As well as exploring Dr Porter’s early life and career, this HealthChat will also give Roy Lilley the opportunity to question the BMA’s approach to the H&SC Act, the 5 year forward view, vanguard services, the NHS funding challenge and the BMA’s relevence in shaping health policy.

This is sure to be a very popular event and you are urged to act now to secure your ticket. The evening starts at 5.30pm for registration and a short drinks reception before the HealthChat starts at 6pm. The HealthChat will conclude around 7.45pm before a further drinks reception.

HealthChat with Dame Julie Mellor

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When: 15 Apr 2015

Dame Julie Mellor DBE is the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, a post to which she was appointed in 2012. Her role is to investigate complaints that individuals have been treated unfairly or have received poor service from government departments and other public organisations and the NHS in England. Based on this, we felt that she would be the perfect guest as our April HealthChat interviewee.

Dame Julie was formerly a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers and a non executive board member of both the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and of the Green Alliance. She was chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission between 1999 and 2005 and was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) for services to equal opportunities.

Her perspective on the Health Service in England will be an enthralling one and no doubt Roy Lilley will delve into the early career and the motivations that brought her into her current high profile position.

Please book early for what will be an unmissable insight. The evening starts at 5.30pm with a short drinks reception before the HealthChat starts at 6pm. There will be an audience Q&A before a final drinks reception, with the evening expected to finish around 8pm.

HealthChat with Dr Sarah Wollaston MP

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When: 11 Mar 2015

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP is chairperson of the House of Commons Health Select Committee. Elected to her Totnes constituency as a Conservative MP at the 2010 General Election she has enjoyed a strong rise in politics and was voted ‘Backbencher of the Year’ by The Spectator magazine in 2013 before being elected as Chairperson of the HoC HSC in 2014.

Her 20 years+ experience as an obs & gynae specialist, GP and police forensic examiner give her a personal insight and experience of life on the front line of the NHS that most politicians do not share and, of course, make her a fascinating guest for our HealthChat interview series.

Come and hear Roy Lilley in conversation with Sarah on the work of the HSC, her own views and insights into today’s NHS and the political intrigue that surrounds everything.

This will be a very popular event so please book early.

No cancellations can be accepted after January 30th 2015.

HealthChat with Jeremy Hunt MP

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When: 11 Feb 2015

Its the one we have all been waiting for! Roy Lilley in conversation with Jeremy Hunt, MP,Secretary of State for Health on health, money, the 5YP, staff, policy, safety, privatisation, long term conditions – you name it. This unmissable event is sure to excite, stimulate and intrigue. If you want to be in the audience then here is your chance to hear the debate and perhaps even ask a question!

Demand for this HealthChat is likely to outstrip supply very rapidly indeed so please book early.

In order to make the event as accessible as possible to NHS personnel, we have halved our regular ticket price.

Due to the anticipated demand and short lead time prior to the event, tickets cannot be refunded should you subsequently wish to cancel.

HealthChat – The Future for Primary Care

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When: 19 Jan 2015

Primary care has a great deal to ponder. Practice capacities, patient demands, political expectations, public perceptions, shrinking budgets, new configurations, quality inspections, integration desires, technology challenges – it’s got the lot. So can it rise to the challenge or will it crumble under the pressure? What will primary care look, feel and sound like in 5 or 10 years from now? Is the current model sustainable or will it have to change? In either case, how will it do so?

We have gathered no less than 3 of primary care’s most eminent influencers to debate the matter with the incomparable Roy Lilley. James Kingsland (President of NAPC), Clare Gerada (past Chair of the RCGP) and Mike Bewick (Deputy Medical Director, NHS England) will take the stage collectively to air their views, debate the issues and paint the vision.

This is a fire cracker of an event to start the New Year. Book now to secure your place at what is certain to be a sold out evening. The evening starts at 5.30pm with drinks at registration before the HealthChat at 6pm. There will be an audience Q&A at 7.15pm and a further drinks reception from 7.45pm.

Due to the anticipated very high demand for tickets, no refunds can be offered after December 15th.

HealthChat with Tim Kelsey

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When: 15 Dec 2014

Tim Kelsey is NHS England’s National Director for Patients and Information, a post he was appointed to in July 2012. He is perhaps most recently remembered as the architect and certainly ‘front man’ for, the initiative to bring big data benefits to all in exchange for access to their pseudomonised GP records. The hoo-haa that this created is ongoing, so his presence as Roy Lilley’s HealthChat interviewee in this pre-Christmas event is sure to be insightful.

Previously a journalist and founder of Dr Foster, Tim Kelsey has a fascinating background and is a leading campaigner for transparency of quality in public services. He also plays a mean bass guitar!

The issues around big data, open source programming, integration of systems and, of course, THE MONEY, means that this is an evening not to be missed.

The evening will also feature a short demonstration of the new EMIS HealthKit technology and a surprise ingredient so BOOK NOW to ensure your place at what promises to be a fabulous event.

Due to the anticipated very high demand for this event, bookings cannot be cancelled for refund after October 31st.

HealthChat with Jane Cummings

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When: 10 Nov 2014

As Chief Nursing Officer England, Jane Cummings is in an immensely demanding role with huge attention focused upon her to comment on all aspects of our NHS from a nursing perspective. To quote Gail Adams of UNISON when Jane was appointed to the role in 2013; “this job is so big it can be seen from space”. What type of person do the martians see?

What is the real story behind demands for minimum staffing levels? How has the nursing profession responded in the wake of the Francis report recommendations and what should be the next steps? What happens after 2015 once the new round of public finance kicks in? Are nurses being effectively led, inspired and rewarded? What is the CNO’s take on private healthcare providers and the extent to which nursing is led by them?

They are some of our questions – what are yours? You will have the opportunity to ask them of Jane once Roy Lilley has finished his typically forthright interview.

The evening starts at 5.30pm with registration and a drinks reception before the HealthChat interview starts at 6pm. The evening will end at around 8.30pm after a second drinks reception and networking.

Tickets for this HealthChat are expected to be in very high demand so please book early.

Save nearly 20% on the booking cost by booking for both Mark Britnell on the 8th October and Jane on the 10th November!

HealthChat with Mark Britnell

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When: 08 Oct 2014

Mark Britnell was appointed as Chief Executive of the South Central SHA in 2006. He was Director-General for Commissioning and System Management for the NHS in England from 2007 to 2009, when he left to join KPMG as a Partner and Head of Healthcare for Europe and the Middle East, a post that he holds today. In March 2006, after Nigel Crisp resigned as NHS Chief Executive, he was tipped as a likely contender for the post, but did not apply for the job, and in 2013 rumours emerged that he was again linked to the role as Sir David Nicholson stepped down. It was not to be.

Mark has a rich and varied career in healthcare management and remains as one of the most influential and insightful voices in UK and global healthcare. Roy Lilley will interview him at the Kings Fund with the usual mix of irreverence and informality, and you can expect to hear some hidden revelations, no doubt.

Audience members receive a drink on arrival at 5.30pm, with the event starting at 6pm. The interview will conclude at around 7.15pm when there will be an open Q&A session with Mark until approximately 7.45pm when a further drinks reception takes place. The event concludes at 8.30pm.

Demand for this, as with all of our HealthChat events, is expected to be exceptionally high so please book early. No refunds or cancellations can be given after August 31st.

Save nearly 20% on the combined booking fees by booking for both Mark Britnell on the 8th October and Jane Cummings on the 10th November! (See ticket options).

HealthChat with Simon Stevens

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When: 10 Sep 2014

As the new ‘Big Beast’ of NHS England, Simon Stevens steps into one of the most demanding leadership roles in the British public sector. Why did he take the job? What is his vision for delivering success? How will he engage with NHS personnel of every level to win their support? How will he balance growing demand for healthcare with shrinking money? What role does he see for commissioning? How will he manage the politicians? Roy Lilley will be asking the questions in his characteristically forthright manner and you can be in the audience to hear the answers and even challenge them!

Never was the phrase ‘not to be missed’ more applicable. This is the ‘must attend’ HealthChat of the year.

Demand is expected to be very high so please book now.

Due to the high demand anticipated, refunds will not be offered should you wish to cancel after July 31st.

The Speaking Out Summit

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When: 08 May 2014

TheSpeaking Out Summit (SOS) seeks to stimulate, debate and achieve consensus on a way forward for people and health trusts on the subject of speaking up and whistleblowing. Not the technical guidance – that’s for people like NHS Employers – but the kind of practical everyday behaviours that are what make the difference.

Confirmed conference speakers include Sir Robert Naylor, boss of UCLH, who will tell us us how he handles the issue of whistleblowing; GP and comedian Phil Hammond, who was a whistle blower at the Bristol baby hospital; head of NHS Employers Dean Royles, and several other whistle-blowers keen to share their experiences, plus academics in organisational behaviour.

In this full day event there will also be workshop sessions from experts in whistleblowing law, conflict resolution, organisational / leadership dynamics and enquiry management.

The SOS aims to create and promote best practice guidance for anyone involved in whistleblowing and speaking out, in any capacity, as well as providing an intelligent and safe forum for discussion and debate.

The Summit is expected to be a high demand event so early booking is recommended. NO CANCELLATIONS CAN BE ACCEPTED AFTER APRIL 8th 2014.

HealthChat with Sir David Nicholson

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When: 27 Mar 2014

In what will be Sir David Nicholson’s last interview before he leaves his post as Chief Executive of NHS England, Roy Lilley finally comes face to face with The Big Beast – and it is certain to be box office entertainment. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable evening of verbal sparring, insight, humour and, no doubt, the occasional revelation! Roy and Sir David will explore every aspect of life at The Carbuncle and you simply have to be there. This is the Big One they all said could never happen – and they were wrong.

Tickets are expected to sell out very quickly indeed so please book now to be assured of your place. Your ticket gives you a glass of wine on arrival, access to the event itself and further drinks at the networking reception afterwards – at which you can ask Sir David any question that you believe Roy may have missed. It is going to be an absolutely cracking night.

Due to the short lead time up to the event and the anticipated hgh demand, refunds cannot be given should you need to cancel.

HealthChat with Jeremy Taylor

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When: 25 Mar 2014

Jeremy Taylor is Chief Executive of National Voices, the health and social care charity coalition and we are delighted that he has agreed to be Roy’s guest for our March HealthChat.

Jeremy joined National Voices in 2009 – a year after its launch – and has grown the group’s reputation as a strong and independent champion for patients, carers and the voluntary sector. Jeremy is regularly called upon as a representative, expert advisor, writer, commentator and speaker on patient issues.  In December 2013 for the third year running he featured in the Health Service Journal annual list of 100 people with the greatest influence in health.   Current commitments include membership  of  NHS England’s external advisory group on strategy, the BMJ patient panel and the London Health Commission under Lord Darzi.

Roy will talk to Jeremy about a wide range of issues and particularly the challenge for health and social care charities in effectively partnering with NHS institutions.

Please book early for what is sure to be a very popular event.

HealthChat with Sir Bruce Keogh

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When: 19 Feb 2014

As National Medical Director for the NHS, Sir Bruce Keogh is a man whose opinion absolutely matters. is thrilled that Sir Bruce has agreed to take part in our HealthChat series and his interview with Roy Lilley will surely be a highlight of the series. Expect to hear his candid opinions on a range of topics including clinical leadership, innovation and, of course, what comes next in the wake of his recent Keogh report into mortality rates. Roy will also, no doubt, quiz him about A&E performance as we approach the end of the winter and you can ask him your pressing questions in what will be a highly interactive and open evening. As usual, your ticket price includes a glass of wine or a soft drink at the start and end of the evening.

Demand for this HealthChat event is sure to be very high. Please book now to avoid disappointment and if you need to be invoiced email [email protected] to make those arrangements. Due to the high demand for tickets, refunds cannot be given should you wish to cancel.

HealthChat – An evening with Prof Brian Jarman

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When: 22 Jan 2014

Professor Jarman is Senior Fellow at the prestigious Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Boston, Massachusetts and Head of the Dr Foster unit at Imperial College in London. He has recently been a major focus for NHS attention by virtue of his Hospital Standardised Mortality Ration (HSMR) methodology, which was used in his sensational analysis of hospital mortality rates that featured in Channel 4 News’ report in September this year. Professor Jarman will be interviewed by Roy Lilley during the event and will also present directly to the audience.

This event is expected to sell out very quickly indeed. If you would like to attend, please book now in order to avoid disappointment. Booking is via credit card though, if an invoice is your only means of attending, please email [email protected] with your invoice address and order number. Due to the anticipated demand, bookings cannot be refundedshould you wish to cancel.

Registration for the event is from 5.30pm, with Roy’s interview starting at 6pm. At 6.45pm Professor Jarman will conduct his presentation, followed by an open Q&A session at 7.30pm and a drinks networking reception from 8pm until 8.30pm. Drinks are included in your ticket cost.

HealthChat – An evening with Peter Carter

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When: 23 Oct 2013

Before assuming his RCN role in 2007, Peter spent almost twelve years as the Chief Executive of the Central and North West London Mental Health NHS Trust, one of the largest mental health trusts in the UK.

He commenced his NHS career by training as a psychiatric nurse at Hill End Hospital St Albans. He is also a general nurse, having trained at St Albans City Hospital and the Institute of Urology in London.

Peter’s open, frank and passionate advocacy of nursing and nurses has been tested immensely by the recent Stafford Hospital enquiry and its aftermath, as well as by the current financial environment of the NHS and its effect on front line staff. This is your unique opportunity to hear a full-on, no holds barred interview of the man and his mind by the inimitable Roy Lilley.

Please BOOK NOW now to ensure your place. Registration on the night is from 6.00pm, with the event starting at 6.30pm. There is a glass of wine or soft drink (whatever your preference!) for you on arrival.

Please note that, given the relatively small number of audience places available, bookings are non-refundable should you need to cancel.

Ruth Carnall’s Health Leadership Bootcamp

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When: 12 Sep 2013

Register now for Dame Ruth Carnall’s health leadership bootcamp. This high intensity, very interactive evening workshop will cover the essential aspects of effectively leading people to high performance in today’s health service.

Dame Ruth combines practical guidance and advice with a Roy Lilley-led interview. This is a breath of fresh air for managers and leaders involved in health service leadership and is designed to boost your confidence and effectiveness.

Dame Ruth Carnall was Chief Executive of NHS London until April this year when the H&SC Act reforms came into effect for the SHA’s. Her expertise and verve in leading NHS London earned her immense respect and admiration.

Registration is from 4.30pm with the event starting at 5pm – you can work a full day before feasting on Ruth’s insight and expertise.

Register without delay – with only 80 places available this is certain to sell-out very quickly.

HealthChat – An evening of health chat with Roy Lilley & Guests

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When: 13 Jun 2013

An evening of discussion and analysis on current health related topics with Roy Lilley, Dr Clare Gerada, Dr Jonathon Tomlinson and other invited guests.