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Hazard of Hospitalization in Frail Elderly: Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Redesign of the Frailty Pathway from the Emergency Department to Community

By | 16 April 2018|Categories: Care of the elderly services, ECIST Network, Emergency care, Frailty Services, Service Improvements|

For most frail elderly, hospitalization triggers a cascade to dependency that results in functional decline, despite cure, and in complications unrelated to the problem that caused admission. Avoiding unnecessary hospitalization of the frail and elderly, [...]

The Let’s Get You Home Campaign

By | 20 March 2018|Categories: Care of the elderly services, Discharge Planning, ECIST Network, Fabulous Stuff, Integrating health and social care, Multidisciplinary Team Working, Preventing delayed discharge, Service pathway improvements, The HMS Victory Award, The Penguin Teamship Award|

High Weald Lewes Havens Clinical Commissioning Group has organised a big initiative to ensure that patients spend no longer than they need to in hospital. This means supporting them to return home safely or, [...]

“The Bluebell Room” within the Emergency Department

By | 28 February 2018|Categories: Dementia Care, ECIST Network, Emergency care, Fabulous Stuff, music therapy, Service pathway improvements, The 4 Candles Award, The Rosa Parks Award, Valuing your staff|

Following a busy night shift worked within the Emergency Department at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust , Registered Nurse Natalie Bradbury reflected on her experience caring for one particular patient who had been brought [...]

Community Early Warning System / Intermediate Care – Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust (NHFT)

By | 25 February 2018|Categories: #FabSafe, 7 day services, admission avoidance, Care of the elderly services, Community nursing, ECIST Network, Emergency care, Multidisciplinary Team Working, Never Events, PrimaryCareHome, The HMS Victory Award|

In 2005 the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) undertook a detailed analysis of 1804 reported serious incidents which resulted in death and made key recommendations from 64 incidents involving unrecognised patient deterioration and they were: [...]

Evaluation of Step Up Beds Service

By | 05 February 2018|Categories: admission avoidance, Commissioning/Procurement, ECIST Network, Fabulous Stuff, Service pathway improvements, Working Smarter|

With evidence that a significant proportion of acute hospital admissions are avoidable, healthcare commissioners throughout the country are continually searching for effective initiatives that avoid unnecessary emergency admissions. Wolverhampton CCG introduced a 12 week ‘step [...]

Rapid Improvement Event – From ‘Can’t Do’ to ‘Can Do’

By | 04 February 2018|Categories: ECIST Network, Fabulous Stuff, Multidisciplinary Team Working, Organization development, Preventing delayed discharge, Service pathway improvements, The 5127 Award, The Penguin Teamship Award|

Aim To optimise discharge management across the system and reduce delay. Objective To reduce high bed occupancy and the number of medically fit for discharge patients in hospital. Methodology Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust (DGT) [...]

Flow in providers of community health services: good practice guidance (NHS Improvement)

By | 06 November 2017|Categories: admission avoidance, Care of the elderly services, Discharge Planning, ECIST Network, Emergency care|

Good patient flow across health and social care systems is crucial for the NHS to run an effective and sustainable service. If patient flow is poor hospitals become congested, clinical outcomes are poorer, financial performance [...]

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