Game Changer

As I travel around the NHS, time and again, I see really good ideas that are innovative, save money, make the NHS safer, and make work easier.  You don’t have to scratch much below the surface to find them.  They are everywhere and the Academy is the place to look.

However, once in a while I come across ideas, products, services or new ways of doing things that are ‘game changers’.

These are not pie-in-the-sky ideas, or vapour-ware.  These are ideas that are up, running and making a big difference.  I decided we needed to show case them, share them.  Hence the new series, Game Changers.  

You can attend Game Changer events, for free, or watch them broadcast live, or later, right here on these pages.

I hope you enjoy them, I hope there are things you can pinch-with-pride, adapt, or will inspire you.

If you make things, develop things, innovate or change the way you do things and think you have a game changer… you know where to contact me!

I’ll have a look!

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