Wakefield GP Confederation in collaboration with Conexus have been working to  improve the value of primary care services using care navigation training and consultancy with a focusa on  ‘Workforce Efficiency’ extended GP hours in development.

Saving GP time The locally-developed care navigation scheme was originally created as a pilot project to help enhance patient care and improve access to vital health and care services across the Wakefield area. It has since proven so beneficial that it has now been adopted by hundreds of GP practices across the country , saving thousands of hours of GP time in the process. It’s also the first in the country to be fully-accredited for frontline staff.

Using our workforce effectively Thanks to Conexus’ new GP Care Wakefield service, patients in Wakefield can access a range of same-day evening and weekend appointments. Delivered by a team of local healthcare professionals, at two locations within the district on behalf of every GP practice, thousands of patients have already received safe and effective care.

By providing extended hours care in this way, people can simply call their own GP practice when it is closed and speak directly to a local clinician to receive timely advice on how to manage any sudden symptoms.

The service already receives over 300 calls a week. Conexus Healthcare Managing Director, Kate Brentley said: “We know the healthcare system is under increased strain but here in Wakefield, we believe we’ve developed some of the key answers. As local GPs and practices, we are dedicated to helping preserve our vital NHS services, not just here but by spreading our learning so it benefits other areas of the UK too. Winning these two awards are a very clear indication that our approach is working, and gives us a great deal of confidence for primary care in the years ahead.”

Antony Nelson of ADeNterprise Consulting, who supported Conexus in the design and delivery of the GP Care Wakefield scheme added: “This is a massive achievement for Wakefield; not just for its practices and all of the hardworking teams but the patients too. I’m delighted that in just a few short months, GP Care Wakefield has been able to help over 8,900 people when their practice was closed. The whole team has worked incredibly hard to deliver this vital service in record time and deserve this latest recognition.”

If your practice or CCG area is interested in learning more about either of these initiatives, get in touch with our team at [email protected]

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