The Leadership and Organisational Development team at Lancashire support members of staff who are identified as “rising stars” to shine through talent management systems.

The project has involved creation and embedding of a talent management programme which fosters ongoing development for staff, identifies individual strengths and areas for development; ultimately retaining talent and enhancing staff satisfaction.

Implementation of this strategy included the launch of talent management tools, workshops and materials for all managers which would help them to support their staff, a career MOT programme for those identified as “rising stars”, in addition to individualised coaching sessions.

Mandy Davis, Blended Learning Manager at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, is the lead for the talent management programme.

Mandy said: “We are one of the only NHS organisations in the North West to offer such a programme for our staff, and have been approached by other organisations to learn about what we have done.”

Following attendance on the programme, 30% of participants surveyed have taken up more senior positions.

m,Additionally, 70% said that they had taken on additional responsibilities since attending and 50% said they had experienced development opportunities that they hadn’t previously.

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