A member of staff at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has received five national awards for excellence in clinical photography and video.

Cat Lamoon, Senior Multimedia Developer and Medical Photographer at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, has been highly successful in achieving five awards in the Institute of Medical Illustrators Awards 2018.

The institute’s awards are based on recognition of excellence in clinical photography, healthcare design and clinical video. The awards comprise of gold, silver and bronze awards, as well as a platinum award which is chosen from all of the gold award winners.

Cat has been awarded with two bronze awards for two videos that she has created; the first regarding bereavement and the second on the importance of skin to skin contact for mothers and their babies.

Cat also received a silver award for a video that she created which featured a home birth.

Finally, a photo taken by Cat on a caesarean section received a gold award as well as securing the years “Wellcome Image” status. This award is presented to the photographic entry selected by the Wellcome Trust for the entry selected as most suitable for inclusion in the Wellcome Medical Library.

Cat said: “I’m so happy to have received these awards and still can’t believe it! I feel so lucky to have the job that I do as I am able to capture such special moments as women giving birth and having their first moments with their new-born babies. I want to say a big thank you to the maternity team for the opportunity to take these photos and videos. I am able to work across the whole of our hospitals in my role so really do get to see some amazing work taking place, and meet some fantastic and talented individuals. I am so pleased that my work has received this recognition. I look forward to receiving the awards officially in October at the annual IMI conference.”

Mandy Davis, Blended Learning Manager said: “We are all incredibly proud of Cat and so happy that she has won all of these awards! She truly deserves to be credited for her consistently fantastic work. Cat is an extremely valued member of our team and showcases the best of our hospitals – these awards are a testament to the truly amazing work Cat has been doing on behalf of the hospitals. She loves her job and it shows.”


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