Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has re-launched an initiative to celebrate and share the achievements of staff across the hospitals.

Fab Feedback Fridays involve the executive team visiting a different team around the hospitals each fortnight to take a look at what the team have achieved and implemented, to celebrate our staff and what they are doing on a daily basis.

The sessions have returned due to popular demand as feedback within our recent staff survey showed that teams liked having this method of sharing all of the great stuff that they are doing.

Teams volunteer to showcase their work through Fab Feedback Fridays. The first session involved the executive team visiting staff on ward 23.

This team have introduced several new ideas onto the ward including:

• A reminiscence room to provide person-centred support for patients with dementia to make them feel more comfortable and at ease. The team are also working on a dementia bus stop to support patients who may become lost or confused when walking on the wards.

• The continuous improvement perfect ward project; which involves a focus on decluttering the environment and standardising the layout of the ward to make it easier for staff to quickly find what they need, wherever they are working in our hospitals.

• A focus on #EndPJParalysis, through a board display and regular updates to a team app. This initiative focuses on ensuring patients get out of bed and dressed when staying in hospital to prevent deconditioning and help patients to get better quicker so that they can return home.

• A hydration station to promote good nutrition and hydration amongst staff and patients. The staff ensure there are always drinks available with different cordials and fruits to convince people to stay hydrated when passing the station.

• The team are planning to establish a pop up bedroom so that patients who are on palliative care and want to end their life in hospital, can do this in a less clinical and more familiar environment.

Rebecca Tuson, Ward 23 Manager at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, said: “We are so pleased to have been given the opportunity to share what we have been doing with staff around the hospital and with our executive team. The work that we have been doing has been a huge team effort and has already made huge improvements to the way that we operate and the care that we can give to our patients. It is really encouraging to see the staff proactively volunteering to lead improvements and own projects – everyone is playing a part and together we are making a difference. Having an opportunity to share this work has really boosted morale on the ward and has made us feel like we have been recognised for our efforts.”

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