Several members of staff at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have been shortlisted for awards for being health heroes. The Health Heroes Awards, organised by the Lancashire Post, aim to recognise and celebrate excellence in health care; those who have gone above and beyond to improve the health of others.

Tracy Earley, Consultant Nurse for Nutrition, has been shortlisted for the Nurse of the Year award for her work to improve education around nasogastric feeding tubes. Notably, Tracy has introduced an e-learning tool to improve knowledge of the placement of these tubes, which has been adopted nationally. Tracy said: “It’s fantastic to have local recognition of the work we have undertaken to improve safety and care for our patients. The huge improvements undertaken are being shared and used to benefit patients across the UK now too, which is fantastic.”

Alison Birtle, Consultant Oncologist, has been shortlisted for the Doctor of the Year award for her work in the ground breaking and practice changing POUT trial. The POUT trial centred around research into the impact of chemotherapy after surgery for cancer of the upper urinary tract system. This study was closed early due to the ground breaking results discovered which will benefit these patients hugely. Alison said: “How lovely it is to be thought of as a health hero. I’m really pleased to be nominated and to be shortlisted is just fantastic.”

Rachael Moses, Consultant Physiotherapist, has been shortlisted for both the Therapist of the Year award and the Caring Team/Person of the Year award for her work to improve the quality of life of patients with tracheostomies in our communities. Rachael said: “I am absolutely thrilled to have been nominated for this award, and am particularly excited about the platform it gives to nurses and allied health professionals who have an idea that could make a similar impact.”

The team within our Clinical Research Facility has also been shortlisted in the Caring Team of the Year category for their work to help patients to access research opportunities. Nichola Verstraelen, CRF Manager said: “This shortlisting means a lot to the whole of the NIHR Clinical Research Facility research team. Our nurses thoroughly enjoy working with our research patients and families. We are able to give patients that extra level of care which is such a privilege. We pride ourselves on giving a first class service to not only patients but their families too.”

Our Chemotherapy Day Case Unit team have also been shortlisted for the Caring Team of the Year award. Lisa Nicholson, Chemotherapy Unit Sister said: “This is an amazing achievement for our staff. We are delighted to be recognised for our contribution to patient care. Our staff have worked very hard over the last twelve months to expand and introduce new services.”

Emma Gornall, Delivery Suite Ward Manager, and Kylie Pennington, Midwife, have both been shortlisted in the category of Midwife of the Year. Emma said: “Kylie and I are absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted for the award, and we are very touched that somebody has gone to the trouble to nominate us.”

Three members of staff have also been shortlisted within the Unsung Hero category. These include Lynne Harpley, Medical Secretary for our neurorehabilitation department; Paul Bradley, Software Engineer; and Jacqui Battle, Personal Assistant (PA) within our critical care department.

Karen Partington, Chief Executive at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals said: “How fantastic that so many members of our staff have been nominated for a health hero award. This is testament to the fantastic work that our staff do on a daily basis, and I am delighted that these individuals are receiving the recognition that they truly deserve.”

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