I have created a series of lesson plans/ resources for school to be able to teach the basic ideas behind CBT, stress and how it links to poor mental health.

The idea is not for it to be a specific therapy, but to provide a framework for discussion, thus reducing stigma and to increase mental health literacy so that more specific interventions are easier reached.

Research based on Targeting Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS) and UK Resilience Programme, shows that materials need to be flexible to enable teachers to have ownership, and that the impact of whole school interventions tends to reduce overtime.

I have designed my materials around images, so that they allow for more adaptation (although full lesson plans are included); they have a core unit with satellite units that schools can choose according to need; and the satellite units reinforce the ideas within the core unit to give longevity of impact.

In addition, I have abided by the requirements in the government green paper – mental health in schools.

My resources can be accessed along with other info at my website

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