Yoga – the benefits are well understood and long practiced. Aerial  Zen yoga? Nope I hadn’t heard about it either.

In Australia aerial yoga has been found to have many benefits including increased flexibility, core stability and strength and improved balance and posture.



The silk slings are used as a support system for the poses and movements, which are derived from Yoga, Pilates, and dance, as well as calisthenics.




The sling supports your hips in forward bends and back-bends and works as your seat for core-strengthening, pilates style exercises.


It allows you to be supported while you stretch and strengthen, without over-stressing your joints or compressing the vertebrae.






Inverting is one of the most beneficial parts of an Aerial Yoga class and inversions in Aerial Yoga differ from inversions in regular yoga as the body’s weight is distributed over the hips rather than the head and neck, and require no balance.

Inversions will re-oxygenate organs & muscles through increased blood flow. They decompress & re-align the spine, increasing the space between the vertabral discs.

This may give pain relief from conditions such as sciatica and some forms of scoliosis. Inversions can also have an anti-aging effect due to the supply of fresh oxygenated blood & nutrients to the face!

You are taught how to hang upside down (invert), swing gracefully and climb into the silk slings to relax, feel your joints decompress and lie down in a swaying savasana (corpse pose) all within a supportive and non-competitive environment.

So our intrepid fab reporter gave it a go ……


For further information have a ave a look at this website http://www.zenaerialyoga.com/ 


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