So small things do make such a huge difference!!!

Sharon Birkin, Deputy Sister and Laura Richmond HCSW on Rainforest Ward (our children’s ward) at Lincoln County Hospital are going the extra mile on Mother’s Day.

Sharon spent her first Mother’s Day in intensive care with her son, Ollie. She knows how hard it can be, especially for those mums who were looking forward to that special first Mother’s Day, being in hospital wasn’t quite how they pictured it.

So Laura and Sharon had an idea to spoil the mums on Mother’s Day, on a day when they are in hospital thinking about their child, they wanted to show them someone was thinking about them.

They knew they couldn’t change the fact that the child and mum were in hospital, but they wanted something a little something to make their day.

They got to work and contacted Thornton’s head office in Alfreton who so kindly donated 24 boxes of Thornton’s continental chocolates.

Sharon and Laura then starting making homemade mothers day cards with a special message inside.

They hope this little gift will make a big difference to their mums’ experiences on Mothers Day and they are so excited to be able to do this.

We’re so proud to have Sharon and Laura as FAB Heroes at #ultimateULHT.

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