In case you have been on a retreat for the last few days, with no access to social media, I thought we ought to tell you about why we are are so excited to be supporting the ‘endPJparalysis70day challenge’ which starts on the 17th April.


The benefits of #endPJparalysis include:-

•Reduced LOS (< 1.5 days in Nottingham Uni Hospital Trauma and Orthopaedic Ward)

•Reduced loss of mobility, deconditioning and risk of falls (37% in same NUH T&O Ward)

•Reduced food wastage due to greater patient mobility and energy need

•Reduced risk of needing institutional care on discharge

•Enhanced wellbeing of patients and staff

  • 10 days of bed rest in hospital (acute or community) leads to the equivalent of 10 years ageing in the muscles of people over 80 (Kortbein et al 2004 J Gerontology)
  • 48% of people over 85 die within one year of hospital admission (Clark et al 2014 Palliat Med)
  • One study showed 60% of immobile older patients had no medical reason that required bed rest (Graf 2006 Am J Nursing)

What is happening?

A national 70 Day #EndPJparalysis Challenge.

The aim is for 1 million patient days of people up, dressed and moving in their own clothes, rather than hospital gowns or pyjamas (PJs). It can done in any healthcare setting where PJs are worn.

As proof of concept in the East of England region, a 100 day challenge before Christmas in nine Trusts achieved 91,728 patient days.



So it’s a no-brainer isn’t ?

Why wouldn’t you want to be involved?


Still not sure? Well I think Daisy makes the case strongly …..


So for today, why not have a look at the resources  here

And we will be back with more information and resources later this week

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