Robotic surgery has successfully treated a cancer patient with a high BMI for the first time at the Cancer Centre at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Keyhole procedures, which are less invasive and speed up recovery, can be inappropriate for patients with a high BMI, and open surgery may not be an option either due to the increased risks.

The arrival of the DaVinci Xi robot at the Cancer Centre at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals has made surgery for more patients with a high BMI possible, saving lives and improving outcomes. The Cancer Centre was the first hospital in the North of England to secure the latest advanced robotic surgical system to treat patients across the whole of Lancashire and South Cumbria, that would improve outcomes for our patients.

The funding for the robot is being raised through an ongoing fundraising appeal launched by the Rosemere Cancer Foundation. Lynda Prescott, a womb cancer patient who also has a high BMI, was treated by the Cancer Centre team using the new robot. Commonly, such patients who have open surgery would be in hospital for 10-20 days. However, Lynda was able to go home after just 48 hours.

Lynda said: “I have nothing but praise for all of the staff at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals. I can’t thank them enough for the care that I received. They were open and honest with me throughout the whole process, and explained everything to me which really put me at ease and didn’t make me at all nervous for the robotic procedure. I would especially like to thank Dr Martin-Hirsch who has all of the time in the world for his patients, and is just an absolutely amazing man. My procedure went really well and recovery is going well just a few weeks following this. There could have been a lot of problems as I do have a high BMI, but I’ve only been left with a few tiny cuts so I’m really happy. You’re in real safe hands at Preston Hospital.”

Pierre Martin-Hirsch, Consultant Gynaecological Cancer Surgeon at the Cancer Centre at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “I am extremely pleased that we can now perform gynaecological surgery on patients with a high BMI using the robot. This allows us to perform key hole surgery with confidence on patients with a high BMI, reducing the risks and dramatically improving their recovery.”

Alex Robson, Clinical Nurse Specialist at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “The robotic surgery is delivering great results, from reducing readmission after surgery to a reduction in post-operative pain. When patients come back to us for follow up appointments, they have repeatedly told me how well they feel and how good their recovery has been, which is fantastic to hear as their specialist nurse.”

To donate to the Rosemere Cancer Foundation 20th Anniversary Appeal to help fund the robot please visit www.rosemere.org.uk or call 01772 522913.

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