Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is pleased to announce that a member of our staff has been shortlisted for an award for her commitment to patient care.

Rachael Moses, Consultant Physiotherapist at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, has been shortlisted for a transformation award for improving care and outcomes for individuals with respiratory complications. Rachael has been commemorated for leading a project looking at outcomes of patients after they have been discharged from hospital following major illness.

Rachael noted an increasing number of people who had survived neurological injury who had a tracheostomy (an opening created at the front of the neck to allow a tube to be inserted into the windpipe to aid breathing) had been discharged with the assumption that this respiratory support would need to be permanent.

Rachael Moses, Consultant Physiotherapist at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals said: “We have managed to remove the tracheostomies initially of five patients, improving quality of life and care outcomes. We have some wonderful patient stories of individuals regaining speech and being able to eat and drink normally as well as improvements in overall physical function and ability. This initiative is also addressing the need for a more proactive approach to ensure all patients are identified and have their tracheostomy removed wherever clinically appropriate. One of the biggest lessons that I have learnt from this project is that by being committed and dedicated, we really can change the lives of patients and challenge current care pathways. I am absolutely delighted to be shortlisted for the award and am particularly excited about the platform it gives to our nurses and allied health professionals (AHPs) who have an idea that can have a similar impact. I am extremely thankful to Dr David Shakespeare and Dr Aash Vyas who have always supported me and allowed me to work autonomously and support the project which would never have happened otherwise. I would also like to thank all of the wonderful teams of nurses, therapists, patients and families across the region, far too many to name who all supported and shared our vision.”

The North West Coast Research and Innovation Awards celebrate the excellent work being undertaken across the region in clinical research and innovation in healthcare. More specifically, the awards aim to demonstrate how clinical research and innovation have an impact on patient care.

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